Tuesday, March 07, 2006

An interesting observation on traffic and referrals

I occasionally look at where my blog traffic originates from. 3-4 weeks ago a significant amount of my blog traffic came from 2 local blogs; Fort Wayne Indiana etc and Fort Wayne Observed. Fort Wayne Observed was the larger of the two contributors to my traffic.

That has changed over the last couple of weeks. That may be partially due to the fact that I have not posted as many posts on Fort Wayne Observed in the last couple of weeks and I have posted a lot more comments on Fort Wayne Indiana, Etc.

My traffic is coming from a much wider variety of sites in the last few days. They are listed from largest to smallest:

Fort Wayne Indiana, etc.
Allen County Libertarian Party Website
A search for the name "Mike Sylvester"
Indiana Pundit
Kole Hard Facts
Blog of The Enders
Just for the Record
Fort Wayne Observed
Fort Wayne Insight

Maybe I am spending too much time looking at traffic statistics?


CoffeeBigPlz said...

OOOOO I am sending you traffic!
How Exciting!
I AM a libertarian!

Angry White Boy said...

Mmmmm.. ;-)

Alex M. said...

Mike --

Actually, the name of the blog's "What The Game's Been Missing," not "Snidercon," but still glad to see I'm sending traffic. :-D

There's never a thing as looking at site stats too much.

John Good said...

Now contributing to the inflow. . may it do ya well.

Anonymous said...

best regards, nice info » » »

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