Friday, March 24, 2006

Allen County Republican Party "slaps Marla Irving in the face"

I used to be a Republican; however, the Republican Party left me when they became a Party that consistently represented larger and larger government.

Two Republican candidates have expressed frustration to me about the way that the Allen County Republican Party tends to favor incumbents over challengers. This is a common complaint that in some cases goes back several years. I tend to think that any political Party will have this problem, it is part of politics. I think that any Party should strive not to favor any one specific candidate when possible.

The Allen County Republican Party has always favored incumbents over challengers. I had some business downtown this morning and I drove by Republican headquarters. Campaign signs are always prominently displayed in the windows during the election season. Three candidates had two signs displayed; one facing each street at Republican headquarters.

The first were signs for Ken Fries. There is no incumbent in the sheriffs race; however, Ken Fries seems to have the support of the Allen County Republican Party so they decided to display his sign and not to display the signs of the other candidates.

The second was Mark Souder. Mark Souder is an incumbent so they have chosen to support him rather then his extremely qualified challenger Bill Larsen.

The last is a surprise and I imagine quite an insult to Marla Irving. Marla Irving is an incumbent County Commissioner and is facing a strong challenge from Bill Brown. Republican headquarters has broken with its past policy of supporting incumbents and has prominently displayed the signs of challenger Bill Brown.

I wonder what Marla Irving thinks?

Mike Sylvester
Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Allen County


John Good said...

Her eyes should now be wide open on how the local GOP "selects" it's candidates.

William Larsen said...

The Allen County Republican Headquarters allows republican candidates to place campaign material inside on tables. They also will place campaign signs in the windows. In 2004 I dropped off my material and three campaign signs. They said nothing at the time, but did not put them up. In 2006 I paid my dues and left my flyer and a few buttons on the table out front next to Mark Souder’s material. Today I went by to drop off three campaign signs. I was told my material was not allowed because it makes a “statement.” They do not allow any material that makes a statement.

With this said, what then can be placed in windows or tables within the Allen County Republican Headquarters? Certainly if you have a position that has a box with a check mark, this means vote for me. Is this not a statement? Then there are the flyers themselves. Those that have issues are making statements as well.

I was upset when I left carrying my three signs when I passed a young man crossing the street. By chance I just asked his opinion of my sign. Did it make a statement? His response was that I was raising an important issue and hoped I would continue to do so. Is an issue the same thing as a statement? Can a statement be an issue?

First the media presents me, as a one-issue candidate meaning that Social Security is my only issue. The Republican Party now says my issue is a statement. I guess President Bush would not be allowed to place his plan for Social Security in the Allen County Republican Headquarters.

Anonymous said...

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MissMissy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MissMissy said...

We need a strong minded president now to run the USA. I feel that Fred Thompson would make an excellent president.

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