Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rumor has it the Allen County Council is "slapping" Marla Irving in the face now

I have heard from ONE source that all seven members of The Allen County Council are hosting a fundraiser for Republican challenger Bill Brown... I wonder how Marla Irving feels about this?

I later noticed a post from Tracy Warner about this as well...


Mike Sylvester


D said...

This is encouraging for many reasons.. I think it shows that this Council is engaged and, more importantly, not bowing down to the Party and Mr. Shine (He hates discord in the Party). It also shows that this body is not afraid to make their views public--something the Dems are not seeing/doing in their own 80th State House seat. Futher, it may demonstrate that they want progressive, responsive public servants and are sending the clear message that Irving has moved way too far away from that ideal. In the past we would not have seen such 'courage' against an incumbent (especially one who will remain in office for at least another seven months)within that Party. It is time Both Parties learned that holding an elected seat does not make you Queen.
Good for them.

John Good said...

Did you just refer to local Republicans as progressives? Boy, are there gonna be letters written about that!

You make an excellent point, however. A good shake-up is definately in order here.

Anonymous said...

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