Saturday, March 11, 2006

What do you think of Mark Souder?

Mark Souder is running for re-election this year. Many people like Mark Souder and many people detest Mark Souder.

I am one of the people who detest Mark Souder. In fact, the only other sitting politician I dislike more is Kennedy... Kennedy is a Senator from Massachussetts so there is little I can do about him...

I am going to list the things I both like and dislike about Mark Souder. PLEASE LIST THE THINGS YOU BOTH LIKE AND DISLIKE ABOUT MARK SOUDER IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.

Things I like about Mark Souder:
1. He does not raise money in off election years. Mark Souder runs for re-election the right way as far as fundraising.
2. Mark Souder says he is a social conservative and he actually votes as a social conservative. I am not a social conservative; but, I give him credit for voting the way he says he will on social issues.

Things I dis-like about Mark Souder:
1. Mark Souder "dodged" military service during Viet-Nam and claimed to be a Conscientious Objector. A C.O. is a person who does not believe in violence of any kind. While Mark Souder's peers were serving their country, Mark Souder dodged military service. Today, Mark Souder is no longer a C.O. He has changed his mind... He calls himself a pro-military hawk. I call him a "Chicken-Hawk." Mark Souder is a hypocrite on this issue and disgusts me as a military veteran.
2. Mark Souder ran on The Republican Contract with America. This "Contract" promised a return to fiscal repsonsibility. This has obviously not happened. Our deficits get larger every year and there is no plan to handle the looming crisis in Medicaire, Social Security, and our Pension plans. Mark Souder is NOT a fiscal conservative. He wants to cut taxes and INCREASE spending. This does not make sense.
3. Mark Souder is badly out of touch with his constituents. He actually believes that the most important issue in America is The War on Drugs. I could go to ANY High School in this area and buy any drug I want. We spend BILLIONS on dollars on the failed War on Drugs and what does Mark Souder want to do? He wants to SPEND MORE MONEY on The War on Drugs.
4. Mark Souder has a rating of only 57% from The National Taxpayers Union. The National Tax Payers Union is a conservative organization that I respect a great deal. Mark Souder has the second worst rating out of the seven Republiclan Congressmen from Indiana.
5. Mark Souder believed in term limits of 12 years when he first ran for office. In fact, Mark often said that he wanted to go to Washington to replace the "Washington Insiders" who had been in office too long. Now Mark Souder has become a Washington Insider and so he no longer believes in term limits. How sad.

I am looking forward to hearing what you think!

I am especially interested to hear what Mark Souder supporters think...

Are there ANY Mark Souder supporters out there?


Craig said...

Q: "Are there ANY Mark Souder supporters out there?"

A: Graham Richards, and most of my neighbors.

Jeff Pruitt said...

I really have VERY VERY few positive things to say about Mark Souder but I will say this:

When new leadership was to be selected he stood up to the status quo and said enough is enough. He's been very critical of the republican party in the light of numerous corruption charges. I'll list just a few of his sound bites...

"Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff and the ongoing and disgusting saga of abuse of power and public trust are not just made up by the Democrats"

"When voters in swing districts were asked, the first two things they associated with our Republican Congress were the Iraq war and corruption"

"What has happened to us?"

Robert Enders said...

He says that he believes in term limits of up to 12 years in office for Congress. His excuse for running again after over twelve years in office was that he was originally elected to the 4th District, and now he running for the 3rd District. But Congressional Districts are redrawn every ten years after the census is taken. So he can keep his promise while staying in office indefinitely as long as whatever District he represents is given a new number.

Jeff Pruitt said...


He didn't really say that did he? Please tell me you are joking. Sometimes I think the american people ARE as dumb as politicians think they are...

Robert Enders said...

He did say that since he was running for a "new" district, that term limits did not apply in his case. I think it says that he said it in his bio in "Who's Who in American Politics"

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Jeff Pruit:

Robert is 100% correct. You can easily verify it. Mark actually did say he is in a different District since it was rezoned after the census...

Zena Crenshaw said...


As you may be aware, The American Whistleblowers’ League (AWL) is sponsored by National
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On this past Wednesday, March 15, 2006, Representative Edward Markey (D-Mass) who cosponsored H.R. 4925, passionately supported a corresponding amendment to the “Department
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most whistleblowers who bring security-related concerns . . . get fired, . . . blackballed from
getting other jobs . . . go broke, they’re (sic) lives are ruined”. Congressman Souder took
exception to much of what Markey had to say and added “. . . by the way, I don’t see a bunch of
these whistleblowers out there panning for food because they whistle. They’re celebrities in the media, they sell books and all this kind of stuff.” A visitor from another planet could hardly
perceive that celebrity status is the typical outcome of government whistleblowing. It is difficult
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Representatives Markey and Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) go further, proposing to also protect
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