Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I keep seeing all kinds of references to Rich Reynolds and The RRRGroup. I always hear that he employs college or high school students and UFO's are often mentioned.

Who is he? What does he do?

Mike Sylvester


Andrew Kaduk said...

I've been asking the same questions for a month Mike. Please note: My pockets are empty, I have nothing to give you on this one.

Butt Boy said...

You both just need to pay attention to the neew Blog, and read it.

Editor said...

And what's even more funny is that AWB and Mitch Harper are dragging me into this conspiracy.

This is why I've been getting so angry. Bloggers make up stuff and pass it on as fact, while attacking other bloggers. I just couldn't take it, and I really don't think there is a "new media" in Fort Wayne. There is Mitch Harper and cronies, but nothing of any value.

I still may do a story on Mitch Harper, if he does not come out and explain himself.

Remember, I did not start this. Harper started this, AWB added to it. I am responding.

Nate Dinken said...

Awww c'mon, Jeff, you've had a hard-on for Harper ever since he pulled your links off Parley and Observed. If his removing your links means HE started it, then you need to re-evaluate your position.

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