Sunday, March 26, 2006

Republicans are wimps!

Our elected Republicans in Washington are wimps. They are 100% useless and could not balance my checkbook if they tried. They are completely useless...

Illegal immigration is a huge problem in this country. In 1986 Republican President Ronald Reagan pushed immigration reform through Congress. This legislation was hailed by both Republicans and Democrats as being the solution to all future immigration problems.

What did this legislation do you ask.

Well Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to all 3 million illegal aliens that resided in this country in 1986. As part of this package Mr. Reagan promised to seal our borders and crack down in illegal immigration. His plan was to punish Company's that hire illegal aliens.

This obviously never happened. It is something that both The Republicans and Democrats promised; and did not follow through on... They are incompetent...

Another broken promise...

The Republican base wants immigration reform and they want it badly. That being said, there are two groups in The Republican Party that do not want immigration reform...

The Roman Catholic Church is in favor of the illegal aliens... Part of the religious right is in favor of allowing people to consistently break our laws and reward them for it.

Many business interests are in favor of illegal immigrants as well. They like the cheap and illegal labor...

Many Libertarians favor illegal aliens. I am not one of them. I am sick and tired of pandering to felons... The solution is SIMPLE:

1. Pass laws punishing all businesses for employing illegal aliens. We need to invest money and we need to find and immediately deport all illegal aliens... If they cannot get a job they will not come to America. We need to levy LARGE fines against businesses who fail to ensure their employees are here legally.

2. The Federal government needs to immediately build a large wall and man it with troops. We need to 100% seal our borders. How on Earth can we fight a war on terror with a porous border.? It does not make sense.

3. We need to impose sanctions against Mexico. Mexico needs to help seal the Border at once.

4. Our legal system needs to investigate EVERY SINGLE convicted felon in the United States. If they are an illegal alien we need to deport them as soon as their time is served.

5. Once we have sealed our border and deported all of the illegal aliens then we should triple the rate of legal immigration we allow.

What is frustrating is that a MAJORITY of Americans want to get rid of the illegal aliens and our politicans are too spineless to do it.

We need some new politicians.

Let me make a prediction here for my Republican friends:

The modern day Republcain Party has all of the power in Washington; however, they do not have the spine to pass ANY meaningful immigration reform.

Who disagrees with me?

Mike Sylvester


Mike Kole said...

It appears that no one disagrees with you, Mike. No surprise there.

Robert Enders said...

Ok. I am a bit troubled by the lack of respect for the rule of law regarding illegal immigration. When a law is violated as often as immigration laws are, it reduces the respect people have for other laws. This is the same as it is with speed limits and most drug laws.

So, we need to make it easier for immigrants to come here legally.

John Good said...

I like your train of thought, Robert. What do you propose?

Jeff Pruitt said...


So you're all for reducing govt spending and govt in general except for the billions of dollars needed to build walls across our borders?

How do we pay for these walls?

Robert Enders said...

First of all, the number of green cards issued could be increased. INS only issues a fixed number every year. Those that receive them are selected randomly. It is common for workers to apply for a green card, get turned down, and then decide to sneak into the US.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Jeff asks how do we pay for the walls?

We cut funding to all of the programs these illegal aliens are drawing from and use it to build the wall. Problem solved...

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Of course we need to INCREASE legal immigration, and we need to increase it a lot; AFTER we secure our borders.

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

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