Monday, December 19, 2005

Tonights meeting and "So you want to run for public office!"

I hope to see many of you tonight at The Munchie Emporium! I plan on going early and having supper at The Munchie Emporium. I will be there around 6 PM.

The meeting is in the back room of The Munchie Emporium at 622 E. Dupont & Coldwater -- Map. All are welcome.
6pm: Dinner
7pm: Games and conversation.
8pm: Business meeting.

The Mike Downs Center and Leadership Fort Wayne is conducting a two day political boot camp for those who want to run for public office (Hopefully MANY of you) and those who want to work actively on a campaign (Hopefully even more of you).

This seminar will be held in The Omni Room in the City County Building. The seminar runs from 5 PM - 9 PM on both Jan 9th and Jan 23rd.

Those interested muist pay $25 and the registration deadline is Jan 5th. Register by:
Calling Andy Downs at 481-6691 OR
Calling Leadership Fort Wayne at 481-6112 OR
Mailing a check for $25 to Leadership Fort Wayne
2101 Coliseum Blvd E
Kettler Hall, Room 260
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

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