Thursday, December 29, 2005

Senate Bill 0002

Senate Bill 0002

Per the Session information provided on the Indiana website SB 0002 will:

Permit a sheriff or the Indianapolis police chief to visit the listed residence of a sex offender to determine if the sex offender resides at the residence. Prohibits a sex offender who is required to register for life with the sex offender registry after June 30, 2006, from residing within 1,000 feet of school property or from establishing a new residence within one mile of the residence of the victim. Makes it a Class D felony to rent matter that is harmful to a minor within 500 feet of a school or church.

I really do not like sex offenders and I want to see them spend long time periods in prison. This Bill will only effect a grand total of 48 registered violent sex offenders that are currently residing in Indiana.

I tend to think this Bill is being passed just to allow our beloved politicians to pass another law so that they can run home this Spring and tell their constituents how much safer their children are…