Friday, December 16, 2005

Results of the third poll are in

Thanks for participating in the poll. The poll is certainly NOT scientific. Most of the regular readers of this blog are Libertarians or small government conservatives (An endangered species).

I thought the results were interesting considering the political affiliation of most of the readers of this blog. There are two results that I find especially interesting:
1. I am amazed that 20 people voted that we should have a statewide referendum and vote on one time zone for the entire state (Note I feel this way, I am just surprised how many of you feel this way).
2. I am extremely surprised that more people did not vote to expand gambling and to legalize "Cherry Masters." I would have expected these to get more votes.

The results are below:

Indiana government is too large, cut spending.
23 votes
Lower my property taxes.
25 votes
We have too many laws in Indiana, delete some.
24 votes
We should legalize "Cherry Masters."
13 votes
We should expand gambling in The State of Indiana.
8 votes
We should crack down on "Cherry Masters," they are illegal!
4 votes
We need to spend more money on education!
6 votes
Raise taxes so that the State government can help those who need it most.
1 vote
Smoking costs Hoosiers billions of dollars, we should make them pay higher taxes to purchase their cigarettes.
7 votes
Mitch Daniels was right, we should impose a "temporary tax" of 1% on all income produced by Hoosier families who make more then $100,000 a year.
3 votes
We should have a statewide referendum and choose one time zone for the entire state.
20 votes
NIPSCO should be authorized to raise the heating bills of ALL Hoosiers even more so it can subsidize heating for the poor!
1 vote
NIPSCO is already charging a tax to all HOOSIERS to help pay into a fund to subsidize poor Hoosiers heating bills, this should be revoked.
14 votes
The state should pass bills that allow local governments more control.
15 votes
Hoosier seat belt laws should be expanded!
3 votes


Mike Kole said...

I don't like the idea of one time zone for the entire state at all. The only thing it ensures is that one side of the state or other is royally cheezed at the other.

NW Indiana is obviously tied to Chicago. Eastern Indiana is likewise to Ohio. No reason for a cram-down on one or the other.

I like the idea of setting one dominant time zone structure and letting counties vote to opt out if they wish. Self-determination.

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