Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NIPSCO's "Charity Fee"

NIPSCO held a meeting in Fort Wayne last night to give Fort Wayne customers the opportunity to voice their opinions (Displeasure) about the COmpany's request to exptend its Winter Warmth program for an additional year.

The Winter Warmth program forced every NIPSCO customer to pay 50 cents per month into a fund NIPSCO could then use to help low-income families pay for gas. This was passed last year and only lasted for one year. (It was a temporary tax levied by NIPSCO not The State)

Now NIPSCO wants to exptend it for another year and make us all pay 65 cents per month.

I give to charity. I give what I want to the charities I choose. I do not want NIPSCO deciding where my charity money goes and how much I should give, the very idea is ABSURD and is un-American. NIPSCO should stop this "temporary tax" at once.

Comments can be emailed to

Please take the time to write them! We need to stop this program!