Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Allen County crime update!

I am sad to announce that there are seven thousand one hundred and six outstanding arrest warrants in Allen County today.

You can see for yourself at:

I am outraged to announce that our police are still being directed to conduct "Click-it-or-ticket" while many "criminals" are on the loose.

Talk about misplaced priorities...


Doug said...

I'll bet a lot of those are for failure to appear in court for what is known as a "Proceeding Supplemental". The Proceeding Supplemental is a hearing where someone who has a civil judgment against the defendant can question the person about their income and assets. If the defendant fails to appear for a hearing, the court will find the person in contempt of court and a body attachment order will issue for the defendant's arrest.

So, not all of those are criminals on the run from the law. A substantial chunk of them are for people who owe money and missed a court date. Not to say that these folks aren't wrong or that Allen County's resources are being properly allocated. But, things aren't quite as bad as they look.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I do understand that some of these people are wanted for neighborhood code violations and failure to appear for traffic tickets and the like.

I would think we should serve our outstanding warrants before we bother law abiding citizens about seat belt violations.

GadFlier said...

What's the big deal? Click-it-or-ticket is a much more reliable revenue-generator, and that's what the police are for, right?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Not in my opinion. The police should NEVER be used to generate revenue...

Jim said...

I randomly sampled some of the reasons people are on the list. It looks like a good chunk of them are for alcohol and auto or a combination of the two.

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