Friday, December 30, 2005

HB 1011

HB 1011

This bill will:

Miscellaneous election law matters. Provides that the fee a person must pay to receive a complete compilation of voter registration information contained in the statewide voter registration list is an annual fee and includes the price for receiving updates of voter registration information throughout the year. Provides that an election official may not receive an election law filing that is offered to be filed after a deadline for the filing unless election law provides for the filing after the deadline. Provides that a vacancy in a legislative office last held by an individual who was not a member of a major political party shall be filled in a special election. Requires the county executive to file a copy of an approved precinct establishment order with the county auditor. Provides that a precinct establishment order issued after June 30, 2005, complies with certain polling place accessibility requirements if the order: (1) includes a statement that the precinct meets the requirements; or (2) states that before April 1, 2006, the county will designate a polling place for the precinct that meets the requirements. Conforms statutes to recognize the requirement in current law for electronic transmittal of data between license branches and the statewide voter registration list. Removes or repeals expired, superseded, or obsolete provisions of election law. Corrects erroneous cross-references. Makes technical changes. Updates election schedules. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the census data advisory committee.)

This Bill only has one objectionable portion. The objectionable portion is “Provides that a vacancy in a legislative office last held by an individual who was not a member of a major political party shall be filled in a special election.” What this means is if a vacancy occurs in an office that a Democrat or Republican holds, the Democratic or Republican Party will appoint a person of their choice to fill the seat. If a Libertarian (Or other Third Party) candidate holds an office and a vacancy occurs there will be a special election.

This is of course patently unfair. What is good for one party should be good for all.

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