Thursday, September 15, 2005

What happened to The Republican fiscal conservatives?

I have been reading press releases from various politicians this morning. You will not believe this one.

Tom Delay just said "There is no fat in The Federal Budget."

Do you have any idea how frightening this statement is? The GAO (Government Accounting Office) itself acknowledges there is waste in The Federal government. How on Earth could a fiscal conservative even think that such a statement could be true?

The Republican Party has become another LARGE GOVERNMENT party. They believe in spending as much money as they can today; and letting our children and grandchildren pay for it.

I think ANY REASONABLE CPA could audit almost every Federal Program and find at least 5% of it that could be cut.

As a fiscal conservative, I am appalled.

Tonight here is what Bush will promise America:
1. He will acknowledge failures in the Federal response to Katrina. He will promise to fix those Federal Agencies (Spend more money).
2. He will promise to rebuild everything that was destroyed by Katrina, in fact, he will promise to re-build everything bigger and better then they were before (Spend most likely over 250 BILLION dollars. We will rebuild a city that is below sea level. Our children and grand children will pay for this, we will not.
3. He will promise to take care of a million refugees for as long as it takes (Spend even more money).

I can promise you this, Graydon (My two year old son) and Kayla (My Four year old daughter) will be the tax payers that have to pay for all of this deficit spending. They will pay FAR HIGHER taxes in twenty years then we are paying today. Not only will they pay for this spending, they will pay interest EVERY year on this debt.

Where are the fiscal conservatives?


Bartleby said...

{sarcasm}And whatever we do, let's not WASTE OUR VOTES by voting for any "third parties."{/sarcasm}

Seriously, I don't think that either your children or mine will pay the debt ... simply because it's fundamentally unpayable. Instead, they'll live through the chaos that will accompany of collapse of a world financial system built exclusively on debt. Actually, I suspect that you and even I will also live through that ... because I don't think it can be too many years away.

Interesting, interesting times.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I know several poeple who feel as you do.

I am not quite that negative on our overall outlook. I do 100% agree that our entire economy is built on debt and that cannot work out in the end...

Eric Glover said...

Our economy was built in order to get around such loopholes as the deficit. Yet, as long as there continues to be a deficit, people will want to remove the deficit! It would end up being an assortment of taxes to over burden a citizen or less spending with less taxes.

Many Republicans have sacrificed their belief in due process of the law, Bill of Rights, and less taxes at the expense of security. That has resulted in a super government build up. There are still some old-school Republicans out in the world today, for example, the Bucknell Conservatives, or that of Contumacy.

However, with the all the heretical elements of Republicanism gone bad, it serves the purpose for the Libertarian party to be a party for the people.

I am replying to the IPFW editorial called a "Breath of Left Air." It was an interesting title for a piece that calls anyone a racist while saying it isn't racist. It was rather confusing, however, I think it is necessary to get our ideas out in the world today.

Eric Glover

Anonymous said...

isn't the neo crat plan to bankrupt the US government so they can get rid of all social programs?
The rich will still be rich, but the poor and middle class(soon to be poor) will suffer.
Those at the top could care less and most middle classers are too buisy driving their new SUV's, playing golf and spending more than they earn.
Just my oppinion.

Eric Glover said...

You would have to get rid of social programs if it is in debt. :)

Mike Kole said...

The debt-to-drowning-in-the-bathtub plan seems to be the course Republicans are taking towards crushing programs. Wouldn't it be more refreshing to have them simply say that they oppose funding the programs, and then use their majorities in Congress to vaporize them?

Alas, they aren't taking that route, though they could. This leads me to believe that they really have no interest in ending the programs, and certainly not in ending the spending.

Can you imagine going to McDonald's for a Big Mac ten times, and not getting a Big Mac, and then happily going the eleventh time? This is what Republican supporters have been doing at the ballot box for years. That's some kind of stubborn, willful ignorance!

No, if you are a fiscal conservative and you want it to stop you *have to* stop voting Republican, and start voting Libertarian.

Lewis said...

Don't worry too much about paying for the deficit. We can always count on the Japanese and Chinese to finance our debt can't we?

We will all pay for the deficit through higher interest rates. There aren't many Americans out there who don't have any knd of debt. The Federal Reserve will simply raise interest rates to keep foreign investors in line to buy our bonds which finance the federal deficit, and debt.

Who will be hurt by this? Somehow I think that it will hurt the housing market, anyone who uses credit cards, and anyone involved in the United States economy. Although the government will pick and choose some "winners", those who get the government contracts with no obligation to finish jobs, those who will receive bureaucratic jobs in the "distribution" of our money, etc.

Meanwhile, we'll come up on another election with republicans and democrats alike all saying they care about you and your needs.

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