Sunday, September 25, 2005

Colts go to 3 and 0

I always like it when the Colts win. Who would have ever thought that the defense would look better then the offense in three straight games?


Anonymous said...

Tony has finally had enough time to build that defense. Hopefully the colts do well this season. Maybe he can break the current trend for coaches winning a super bowl.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

How about those Vikings (Queens)?

Commander Justice said...

How do you reconcile your support for the Colts with their attempts to use eminent domain to steal a bean company's property?

Mike Kole said...

It's never an all or nothing proposition. I love my country, but I have a lot of problems with the way it's governed. I enjoy pulling for the Colts, but I absolutely dispise the new stadium project's funding.

To be precise, don't forget that the Colts will not own the land or the stadium. Government will. Government is stealing the land. The Colts are one of the beneficiaries, to be sure. I tend to look at the team ownership with a certain amount of scorn, as you might a drug dealer, an arms dealer, or anyone else who takes dirty money, but what happened? The Colts asked for the moon, but it had to be granted. The State and City fell over each other to give the moon to the Colts.

My son asks for the moon and the stars. If I gave it to him, I'd be the guilty party. He's just being a kid. Same thing here. Irsay acted like the spoiled NFL owner he is, and our governments acted irresponsibly in reply.

Commander Justice said...

So it's okay to be guilty of knowingly receiving stolen goods?

Robert Enders said...

John, by that standard, every item or service in this country has the taint of being produced by someone who was beneficiary of government subsidies. Do you intend to make sure all the food you eat was only produced by farmers who do not receive government subsidies?

Some Libertarians at one point in their lives end up needing government services because the government stole it from us in the first place.

I went to a state funded college, but I believe that the overall cost of education will go down once it is privatized in a libertarian society.
The parking lot for my high school was built on land seized from private owners. I felt that high school kids could have just as easily taken pre existing school buses instead of expanding the parking lot. But I used that parking lot anyway. I used it illegally as a matter of fact, since I did not have a permit. I was picking my sister up from school in the years after I graduated.

Anonymous said...

The Viqueens are just sweet (LOL). All they have to do is win the weakest division in the NFL.

I didn't know the colts were asking for a new stadium. Isn't the one now relatively new?
I was Indy over the summer and the convention center and stadium look pretty good to me.

Were I live they have been trying to get 3 stadiums (NFL, MLB and the state college) for over 10 years.
The curent one is just fine. I'd rather spend money on the school system than sports. Just me.

Robert Enders said...

The Bears were leading their division and would still be doing so if the Lions had not already had their bye week.

This year could be the sencond time this century that the Bears make it to the playoffs. They might finish less then .500, but the only team that can stop them is the Vikings.

And admit it. Most of you were all Bears fans twenty years ago. That "Fridge" jersey that doubles as a maternity dress is still lurking in the attic....

Kathleen said...

My question remains this; why should the Colts getting a stadium be any different than how our country was founded. I do not personally agree with eminent domain but, did our forefathers not take this land from the Native Americans by eminent domain? As a good friend pointed out to me, our forefathers were able to take the land because they had guns and also because the Native Americans were disorganized. So today the guns are traded in for policy and people are still disorganized. The politicians are now able to take the land because they have the courts. Hmmm, we do not seem to have gotten very far in 200 plus years. Perhaps we should offer the unhappy land owner some beeds.

Robert Enders said...

There's all this cheap farmland in this state, most of it corporately owned. Offer ConAgra or whoever owns it a portion of Peyton Manning's salary and build a stadium there.

Mike Kole said...

John, on the 'receiving stolen goods' item...

If you take the tack that all taxation is theft, it paints you into a pretty small corner. You can't drive on any roads, for one thing. Sadly, almost every product sold has some kind of subsidy built into it or tax attached to it. I suppose you could be a person who is utterly self-sufficient, living on your own land and never leaving it in order to fulfill the ideal.

So, we work to undo the socialism that has crept into our society over the past 200 years. This may take a while.

Anonymous said...

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