Monday, September 12, 2005

The Fourth Anniversary of 9/11

It is hard to believe that four years have passed since The Twin Towers" were destroyed by terrorists.

The Federal government has spent COUNTLESS BILLIONS of dollars on various programs to protect this country. Do you feel safer?

I do not feel safer, not one bit.

The Federal Government has spent BILLIONS of dollars on aviation security. I think that we needed to make some changes to airline security, that being said, the Government Accountability Office has released a report stating that our aviation system is NOT safer today then it was four years ago.

Imagine that, we spend BILLIONS of dollars and all that happens is we create a large, ineffective, government bureaucracy.

We have spent COUNTLESS BILLIONS of dollars on a brand new Homeland Security Department. According to The Pew Foundation more illegal immigrants have entered this country each and every year since 9/11/2001! Homeland Security has done nothing to protect the borders of this country!

The Federal Government has spent hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars to prepare for a terrorist attack. I feel that they are wasting my money and I do not feel safer today then I did four years ago.

How do you feel?


Anonymous said...

I feel not a bit safer. I do feel little more like 1984.


Robert Enders said...

They are spending too much time and money on preventing the kamikaze hijackings when it is simply not possible to hijack a plane using only sharp objects in the US anymore. They made a micron of progress when they started to allow nail clippers again. I cannot think of how four or five terrorists can defeat 30 passengers with nail clippers.

They aren't just looking for weapons when they check your bags, you know. The war on terror is being used for a cover for the was on drugs. But end the drug war, and the terrorist lose their funding. Solve 2 problems at once.

Anonymous said...

Then legalize drugs. Ohh , did I say something taboo. Legalize all the sins (prositution, drugs ect..) and tax the sheite out of them. Put them in red light districts so the local authorities can monitor people moving in and out of these areas (prevent DUI's/DWI's).
Then you can stop some of the funding for orgainized crime (terroists or gov'ts), let those that want to throw their lives away do it.

Anonymous said...
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