Thursday, September 29, 2005

A very interesting article was in todays Journal Gazette

Niki Kelly wrote a very interesting article about the graduation rate in Indiana's schools. Please check it out:

This article brings up some very good points that need to be discussed. Education is by far the largest expenditure in The State of Indiana. Education is extremely important. I have two young children; Graydon is 2 years old and Kayla is four years old. When I moved back to Fort Wayne I made sure to buy a house in a school system that I thought could help my children get the education I want them to have.

Everyone has known that the graduation rates in Indiana have been over-stated in a huge way. What kind of signal does this send to our children when the schools themselves put out bad information about graduation rates because the graduation rates are embarrassing to the schools and to the State government?

The State has been claiming a graduation rate of 90 percent or HIGHER for many years. Yesterday at the "Education Roundtable" Indiana admitted that the graduation rate in the last few years is most likely between 66% and 80%.

If the government cannot do the math to figure out a simple percentage; why should we expect Indiana students to understand how to do math?

Niki Kelly wrote in her article that FWCS claimed a graduation rate of 88.2% in 2002. The Journal Gazette analysis showed the graduation rate to be 61% in 2002. That is shameful.

It is amazing how misleading statistics can be. For example, I have done extensive research on the per student cost of education in Indiana; last year it cost us $10,787 dollars per student. If you go to Indiana's website they claim a much lower figure. Maybe our government officials did poorly on the ISTEP as well?


Debbie said...

So, after collecting all this information, are you still considering having the government educate your kids?

Robert Enders said...

I attended public schools, but I got my education by reading everything I could get my hands on. We spend more than other countries, but our kids do worse in school. Part of it is the infastructure of the schools, and part of it is the culture. Most Americans, young people especially, are inclined to rebel against the Man, or in this case the Adult. When the Adult stick a lession plan in front of you, you do want ever you can to get around it.
The fact is that kids had to read and learn because we make them read and learn. Mom got me to like reading by prohibiting from me from doing so. You think I'm kidding don't you? You never met Mother then.

Mother's strategy (if it in fact was a strategy) would of course not work with the obidient kids, though it would be funny if we tried it. ("We confiscated a copy of the complete works of Shakespeare from your son's locker.") Rather, we should provide them the opprotunity to learn rather than making them do so. I'm not even worried about graduation rates. A high school degree doesn't mean anything if everyone has one. Some people are naturally inclined to be lazy and stupid. They should be left alone so that this country can undersell China when it comes to cheap labor.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

My kids are definately going to attned Northwest Allen County Schools.

My wife and I will definately be involved with the school system, as we should be.

Debbie said...

I don't understand what you mean by "My wife and I will definately be involved with the school system, as we should be."

You see some sort of duty or responsibility to the government schools?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I have a responsibility to see that my kids are educated.

Debbie said...

I totally agree. And you think the government can do it?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I think the government has 100% failed at education.

I think the Federal Department of Education should be completely abolished (I agree with President Ronald Reagon).

I think the Indiana State Department of Education should be reduced in size.

I think each local School District should be each own organization and should do education as it wants to and be accountable to the local voters.

Debbie said...

Why would you not want to abolish the state department of education too? Why only a reduction?

And if you propose simply a reduction, what specific principles would you use to determine the proper size?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I do think that the State should have a Department of Education. I think it should be small...

Debbie said...

Mike, what does that mean? The word "small" in itself tells us nothing of the principles on which you would base any decisions. So folks who are interested in the libertarian view are stuck with the same vague rhetoric they get from the two other major parties.

You also did not answer the question as to why it's necessary for the state to have a department of education. I won't go into local right now. :)

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