Thursday, September 01, 2005

The political spin on the New Orleans distaster

I spent a couple of hours watching CNN tonight to try to absorb what is happening in New Orleans.

My heart does go out to the poeple of New Orleans. I hope that as many of them are saved as is possible.

I do not think anyone in our government OR press understands the enormity of what has happened to New Orleans. About 480,000 Americans are going to be without a place to live for at least a couple of months, and more likely several months... When do you think the schools in New Orleans will be able to take students again? Certainly not this year.

480,000 people are going to have to be re-located. Many will live with friends and relatives. The rest will have to be helped as best we can. It is going to be a mess.

I have NO DOUBT that America will open their pocketbooks and help the people of New Orleans. It will happen, you can count on it.

I cannot believe the political spin CNN is putting on this disaster. They seem to be blaming Bush.

Do not get me wrong, I do not overly care for Bush; but, this is not his fault.

This is the fault of many different groups. I think we should save as many people as we can; blame can be spread later.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there some money alloted to improving the levies around NO a few years ago? Then it got absorbed into Bush's tax cut.

THe USA now has it's own refergee problem. Maybe along with the good hearted americans that donate money. The OIL companies can donate that extra profit they'll be charging on gas in the coming months.
IMHO, please do not rebuild NO. Make it a memoric site. If we rebuild it, this same thing will happen again before 2100.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

There has been cuts to The Army Coprs of Engineers since President Carter was in office. The cuts have come from both Republican and Democratic Presidents.

I certinaly think the US should help the people who have been left homeless.

I am not for rebuilding New Orleans; it is in a bowl...

It will flood again.

If private citizens want to rebuild it, that is fine...

Robert Rouse said...

New Orleans will be rebuilt. And this time issues that were railed about in the past will be addressed seriously. The coastline that has seriously eroded over the past twenty years over the entire northern Gulf coast will be replenished. The levee system around NOLA will be updated. Why? Because New Orleans is an important historical city? No. Because of American spirit? No. Both of those reasons will be tossed about, but politics will prove the important impetus in the rebirth of NOLA.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I agree with you that New Orleans will be rebuilt Robert! There is no doubt in my mind.

I do not think it should be rebuilt; but, it will be rebuilt.

The Politicians in Washington love to spend other poeple's money. It is their favorite past time. They will spend, spend, and spend.

Mike Kole said...

It's one thing for the people to rebuild at their own risk. However, it is unconscienable to rebuild New Orleans at the risk of the entire nation. No way should people in Fort Wayne (etc.) be responsible for predictably bad future outcomes.

A comedian was on the other night, in a performance delivered long before Katrina. He joked about idiots who live on a river that floods repeatedly. The question was posed after he lost his home for the tenth time, "What are you going to do now?" "Why, rebuild, of course". Big laughs.

This time, the joke's on us, if we rebuild. We all know it's a stupid thing to do. What we need now is the courage to say so, and to refuse to throw today's money, and our children's money, in the toilet.

If we have to provide homes for all the people of New Orleans someplace else, let's do it and at last end the mindless FEMA rebuild game.

Doug said...

New Orleans has to be rebuilt simply because it's the spot where the Mississippi hits the ocean. That guarantees the place is a center of commerce. As to how big we build it, that's an entirely different question. I think the older parts of New Orleans are probably on the highest ground. It's the newer development that's more problematic.

As to whether it's Bush's fault, I think we have a lot of displaced anger going here. If Bush had gotten the blame he deserved over Iraq, I don't think he'd be taking the same amount of heat he's getting for this. But, now we have yet another disaster on his watch without any concern that criticism of Bush will aid and comfort Hurricane Katrina.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I think we really need to do a lot of research before we decide how much of New Orleans to re-build.

Let there be no doubt, The Federal government will re-build it no matter what the cost.

I wonder if we can trust the government that allowed a city to exist with insufficient levies to be the same people that re-build that city?

Anonymous said...
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