Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Orleans Levee Failure, who to blame

I admit it, I am a news junkie. The coverage of The New Orleans Disaster has been massive. This is some of the most biased and slanted news coverage I have ever seen.

Lets start with fault.

1. Most of the "fault" has to go to The City of New Orleans. 80% of The City is below sea level. The City is 100% protected by a levy system. The levy system was designed to handle a Category 3 hurricane. New Orleans was hit with a category 4 hurricane and the levies were breached. There are numerous studies that have been performed over the years that have warned of exactly this disaster. The City of New Orleans 100% ignored these warnings. Why did New Orleans not install a .5% sales tax in the City over the last fifty years and use it to build the needed levy system?
We need more personal responsibility. I am tired of people wanted The Federal government come and hold their hand all the time. The City of New Orleans should have protected itself!

2. I think a lot of "fault" has to go to The Congressmen and Senators of Louisiana. Federal spending is determined by CONGRESS, not The President. If all of these elected officials would have made a concerteed effort the proper levies would have been built. These levies would have been paid for by New Orleans, Louisianna, and The Federal government. What have these Congressmen been doing instead? These same Federal Officials have authorized HUNDREDS of Billions of Pork Barrel Spending Projects in the last few years. The Officails are more interested in getting re-elected then doing their jobs.

3. I think the Army Corp of Engineers has to take some blame. The Army Corp of Engineers should have made a much more public plea and tried to alert the public of the dangers.

4. The Federal government has to take some blame as a whole. They spend almost 1/4 of ALL MONEY SPENT in The United States. They waste it on countless useless projects. They need to get their priorities straight. Infrastructure should be a priority.

This is a disaster of epic proportions. Lets hope it is a wake up call for the voters of this country!

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Anonymous said...

IF the voters, vote with their hearts instead of their wallet/religeous affiliation.