Friday, September 09, 2005

Local Politics

I am pretty excited that both local newspapers have already started talking about the 2006 local elections.

I think 2006 is going to be a great election.

I hope that everyone gets involved.


Mike Kole said...

Everyone needs to remember the Woody Allen Rule: "90% of success is simply showing up".

The most important thing in the world for those who want to see a more libertarian society is that those who believe in libertarian principles get into action, in the way most appropriate to their interest and ability.

Political activism can be many things: running for office, working on a campaign, funding one or more campaigns, writing letters to newspapers/calling talk shows, etc. Be sure to get into action.

Anonymous said...

Although the major party gubernatorial candidates ignored the Libertarian during the last election debates, I found him to be giving a very good impression, well-spoken and reasonable -- good enough to make the opposition at least a little uncomfortable.

Often, as you know, a third party candidate may transmit to the public an unintended impression of crackpot-ism. Perot's vice presidential choice came off that way and was in part responsible for derailing him.

The Libertarians are on the cusp of becoming a valid third choice, in some races, for those disgusted with the donkey and the elephant. Many of my gun-rights supporting friends are already Libertarians, because, they say, the Republicans have been letting them down and the Democrats are non-starters. Given that there are more than enough gun owners to swing a national election, that's saying something (had gun owners gone Democrat, Kerry would have won in a cakewalk).

My largest remaining concern with the Libertarian platform, I think, is this notion of giving the public schools over to management by parents.

When I hear that, I always think of the goobers you see on COPS every week, and shudder at the idea of people like them (who seem to be everywhere in society) trying to run anything, let alone all our schools. Parental apathy is an epidemic these days. This is a credibility hurdle that the Libertarians still need to jump. Slogans won't do; the plan would have to be explained to concerned citizens in detail, down to the last comma.

Anonymous said...

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