Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Indiana Time Zone fiasco

As most of you know the deadline is approaching for Counties to petition the Federal government if they want to switch time zones in Indiana.

Masson's Blog is doing a great job of documenting which counties are currently petitioning to switch to Central time. He just posted a map of Indiana.

Please go and check it out!

If Indiana becomes a patchwork of time zones I think The Republicans will pay a heavy price in the next election...

And they should...


Bartleby said...

So ... just why is it that an Indiana county should be needing to "petition" the FedGov to plead for permission to set their clocks in a particular way?

I must've missed the part of the Constitution that makes this any of D.C.'s business. But then, the whole Constitution is pretty much of a dead letter these days, anyway. Dead, and getting more fragrant by the day.

When Bitch Daniels Day comes around next spring, I'm certainly going to reset my wristwatch ... one time. I'm going on UTC (Universal Time Coordinate -- we're currently at UTC minus 5 hours). Then maybe I'll send our puppy-dog governor a daily e-mail, letting him know what time it REALLY is.

Robert Enders said...

I will tell you the part of the Constitution that makes it the Federal Government's business.

Article 1 Section 8
"To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foriegn Coin, and fix the Value of Weights and Measures."

Time is a unit of measurement. The federal government quite justly has the power to establish a standard for what time it is. Just as a pound of sugar or a gallon of milk in the Florida Keys as in Portland Oregon, so people from other states should be able to figure out what time it is in Indiana with as little difficulty as possible. That being said, the Federal Government must abolish Daylight Savings time in EVERY state. The evidence that it save energy was based on a study in the 70's. More people are leaving the light and the computer and the A/C on ALL the time. Where the sun is in the sky in the summer does not have an impact on enegy consumption.

Tenskwatawa said...

Regarding the Constitutional Authority for establishing uniform time I think the better place to look is the Commerce Clause rather than the section on weights and measures. A careful reading of the Uniform Time Act shows that only common carriers (passenger and freight services between the states and in foreign commerce) and the branches of the federal government are under an obligation to observe standard time and advanced time. The rest of us can observe any time we want.

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