Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A great article in the Journal Gazette about Child Protective Services

The September 11th Journal Gazette had an interesting article about property taxes. Benjamin Lanka wrote an article entitled County levies for child services controlled by state.

This is a very informative article that I recommend you read. This article talks about one small item out of the many that effect our property taxes.

You would be AMAZED at how many different local agencies have the authority to add to the property tax levies that you pay on your residential home, agricultural property, and your commercial property! It is EXTREMELY out of control.

The Allen County Library and The local Airport Authority both have the power to add to the property taxes you pay and, for the most part, there is nothing you can do about it. Your locals officials WILL NOT do anything about it.

The article Mr. Lanka wrote specifically concerns how Child Protective services are funded. Basically these programs have many rules that are dictated by the State of Indiana to the local government. The actual workers are State employees as well. This program is funded by LOCAL PROPERTY TAXES.

Here is an idea; since local property taxes pay for it, let's let the program be run by LOCAL government employees and throw The State of Indiana out!

Everytime you make a new bureaucracy in any governmental system there is another layer of waste and regulations; this is no different. The Federal government dictates various rules, regulations, and creates various forms for everyone to use. The State of Indiana makes its own set of rules and regulations that are supposed to comply with the Federal regulations that have been disbursed from Washington DC. The State of Indiana's rules and regulations are then sent out in various missives to the 92 counties. Each County then has to comply with both The Federal rules, The State rules, and then any local rules that are created.

Is it any wonder that the cost of this program went up on average 47% in the 66 counties surveyed?

Allen County taxpayers are going to pay about 2.22 MILLION dollars more (A 13% increase) this next year.

Our property taxes are high enough. I was annexed by the City against my will recently. My property taxes went up 63% in just one year.

I live in NWAC schools. Based on the information that I have been able to gather I would guess that my property taxes are going to go up ANOTHER 10% this year. Tax, tax, and tax some more.

We need to elect some fiscal conservatives for a change. The Republican Party and Democratic Party's both believe in larger and larger government and keep increasing the number of silly regulations.

We need elected officials to start using COMMON SENSE.


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