Sunday, September 18, 2005

Time Zone mania

Well, at least for this year, we know which counties will be petitioning for Central time.

If every petition is approved (Which I think is unlikely) Indiana will have 28 counties on Central time, 63 counties on eastern time, and one county SPLIT BETWEEN the two time zones.

We will have school districts with students and teachers coming from two time zones. Imagine how much fun that will be.

I wonder what Mitch Daniels really thinks about what has transpired? He says that he is happy with how things have gone; I find that hard to believe.


Anonymous said...

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Kathleen said...

I honestly cannot believe that after all this time we are having to change our clocks every 6 months to "make us more competitive in the market place". That is a load of dung, (which by the way can be made into crude oil, as stated in the research done at the Univ of IL) Anyway, I digress. Indiana should have been left the way it was.

The Indiana people have found a system that has worked well for them. The system did not make them any less competitive before. This is not a "fix" for Indiana's economic woes. Many parts of the states have adapted a time change with the neighboring state so that it facilitated economic growth with in that area. Why mess with something that worked?

I was so very hopefull when the politicians walked out the day the vote for Daylight Savings Time was to be held, but as will all things dealing with our new dictator, uh, I mean governor, our representatives caved in on this issue.

Hmm, wonder what time it will be when our lovely governor is NOT re elected. Hopefully, we wont have long to find out.

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Anonymous said...

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