Friday, August 17, 2007

Got your check ready?

Figures are in and a due date has been set for 2006 payable 2007 property taxes. Bills will be mailed by Wednesday, July 18th and the due date will be Friday, August 17th. Please view the payment methods for options in paying your taxes.

For your added convenience in payment:

Aren't we lucky.


Angry White Boy said...

Off topic, but I have the latest Zogby Poll on the Kelty/Henry race posted here.

Jonathan Bartels said...

Hey thanks Fort Wayne!

Way to go! My peers (sorry, you call them "young professionals") were just so excited to hear that they could move closer to me so we can hang out more. Then they saw this and thought "Wow, we won't have to worry about the smoking ban! There won't be any money left to buy smokes after we pay our taxes."

Don't blame the state for this either. As the 2nd largest city in Indiana I would hope that the City Council of Fort Wanye would have some leverage and influence in the capitol. I would also assume that if they had such leverage that maybe they could bother to use that influence to make life a little easier for the rest of us.

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