Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kelty Verdict

WOWO is reporting that the Grand Jury handed down an indictment against Matt Kelty and are charging him with nine counts.

I am sure this will be all over the local news in the next few hours.

Check out local TV coverage below:

Mike Sylvester


jon said...

Our system is truly broken. It is disgusting and it's time to take our community back from the big money contractors that are running it.

Anonymous said...

This is the most amazing witch hunt I've ever seen. Did you see the evil GLOW on the face of the prosecutor??

This is nothing but a witch hunt, folks.

James Fitch said...

I am shock

bobett said...

This is a sad outcome.

This Judges' verdict was set as a small example to clean up the local politics. Yet it defies
changing local politics.

However, the small amount of money to run a campaign that Kelty borrowed from friends
to run for office, is by far a technical law of the State and is miscontrued. There is no conflict of interest or anyone buying Kelty's run for Mayor.

The Judge has ruled there is every effort to make sure our local government does not change.
This will be tied up in court after the elections. Sad but true.

Does anyone believe those that lent him money to run for office
pose as a conflict of interest?

Why do we allow Judges,
that once were prosecutors, that won cases...good ...indifferent or contrary to what is correct and right become god-like?

And why are their not more Judges on the bench that were defending attonery's ..that won cases...good
...indifferent...but do not become all consummed with guilty
convictions to get to office as Judge?

Anonymous said...

Oh please, you guys are killing me here!!! What would you have said if Kelty were cleared of any possible wrong-doing? Well, obviously then justice was clearly served, right?

And if this were Tom Henry instead of Kelty?

You quickly dismiss the possibility that someone was trying to "buy Kelty" by throwing up your own conspiracy theories and conjecture based on nothing but bias. Kettle, meet pot.

Look, I'm not going to claim to be a campaign finance expert. But I will say that people convicted Sigler of being on a witch hunt, long before any indictments were handed down. If you only want prosecutors who will perform their duties as you see fit, then you are the ones who have truly failed the justice system.

Anonymous said...

TONIGHT!! Aug. 14, 2007

9:00 P.M.

Courthouse Green

Rally for Matt Kelty

Put on by a friend of Matt's, not the party nor the MKFM team.

jon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You folks are clearly crazy. So, it's okay to commit perjury? Well, according to YOU it's okay if you're Matt Kelty. Laws were violated and you turn your head like it's nothing. The laws are clearly outlined, however your candidate opted to snub his nose at them. He outright lied about who paid for the Zogby poll and perjured himself. Hmmm...I'd like a new Lexus, is it okay if I go out and steal one? Would I get the same treatment you're giving your "chosen one"? Let's not forget, it wasn't Sigler who indicted Kelty, is was AT LEAST FIVE JURORS. Lord, I'm embarrassed FOR you!!!

jon said...

If it were Henry instead of Kelty I would say the same thing. This is in fact a witch hunt. The election board ruled (the real experts) that Kelty did nothing wrong. Then Andy Downs and his partisan group of political hacks decided to wage this election in the court rather than at the ballot box. You see Andy's ideas do not win at the ballot box so the system must be manipulated for them to obtain any power. And by the way... I didn’t post this anonymously....

bobett said...

Mr./Mrs who every the heck you are hiding.. your name is withheld.

Excuse me, I do would love to believe in our System. It's not working. You know it, I know it and everybody knows it.

Obviously, you do not believe in
the voting process.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is Matt Kelty being indicted for?

What set of laws did the prosecution review when determining if charges should be filed against Mr. Kelty?

From what I understand, Indiana state laws differ from Federal laws regarding campaign finance reporting, etc.

Please clarify... democrats and socialists is so convinced that he broke the law, but I don't know what law they are citing, because again, from what I understand, Matt Kelty is subject to Indiana State Laws regarding this matter....

Anonymous said...


Yes, our system is working quite well, and that's why Kelty was indicted. Ignorance of the laws is NO excuse for violating them. And ANY court in this country will tell you that. Good grief, you are completely skirting the issue here, which IS, KELTY VIOLATED THE LAW AND PERJURED HIMSELF. What part of that don't you understand? Do you know what a loan is? If not, go to your nearest banking center and ask anyone who works there. Heck, pop open your dictionary and look it up. THEN go read the campaign finance laws! Do you know what perjury is? The gist is it's when you LIE under oath. Kelty perjured himself. I guess that's okay with you? I can't even comment to you anymore, because it's ridiculous that I would even have to explain this to you.

Robert Enders said...

Anonymous 7.25pm,

Perjury is when you lie in court under oath. Do you have access to the testimony and can you show where he lied under oath?

He didn't lie about who supplied the poll, he simply refused to disclose that person's identity. Just as you refused to disclose your identity.

Anonymous said...


Perjury is the voluntary violation of an oath or vow either by swearing to what is untrue or by OMISSION to do what has been promised under oath: false swearing.

Clearly, Kelty perjured himself during this grand jury, otherwise he WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH TWO COUNTS.

No, I do not have access to the testimony, however I believe in our system, and a jury of peers to deduce what perjury is!

Before all of this came to light, he DID lie about the poll. He stated HE DID NOT KNOW WHO PAID FOR IT, when in fact he did know, but lied about its source of funding.

bobett said...

Mr. Anonymous:

Let him have his day in court.

We will see in a year or two what pile of crowe the birds feed on.

bobett said...

Mr. Anonymous:

Let him have his day in court.

We will see in a year or two what pile of crowe the birds feed on.

Robert Enders said...

Ok. If he did lie during his testimony to the jury, then he did commit perjury. I will read the paper tommorow and see what specific statements that he made were false.

Anything he said before the charges were filed isn't perjury. If ordinary lying was perjury, every politician would be doing time.

Anonymous said...

"Anything he said before the charges were filed isn't perjury. If ordinary lying was perjury, every politician would be doing time."

Correct, however it would be fraudulent campaign finance reporting, which is a Class D felony.

Not every politician is a liar, I'm sorry to hear you feel that way.


Fair enough...

bobett said...

Mr. Endres:

The truth & gospel lies in what the newspaper says.

Truly a sad day in America.

Joe said...

Some puzzling questions:

What is this country's court system coming to?? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty and when did prosecuters start holding newconferences as if they were celebrities?

I guess some of you enjoy seeing an father being carried away in handcuffs. When did we start celebrating the potential problems of the other side for our own gain ?? I believe one of the above posters that had this been Tom Henry the Republican party would be acting just as bad instead of sticking their heads in the sand.

I'm worried about the future of Fort Wayne. This is a sad night.

barranda said...

Joe, you are certainly right. This situation is sad on so many levels.

It is sad that Kelty chose not to disclose relatively unimportant information. It is sad if he received advice from counsel advising him that he did not have to disclose certain contributions. It is sad that the election board's findings could be so different than the findings of six jurors. It is sad that Kelty had to be brought before the grand jury. It is sad that so many people are openly gloating about this situation. It is sad that a mayoral candidate will be faced with going to trial on 7 felony charges. It is sad that that the same act (failure to properly report campaign financing) can result in 7 separate charges (think The Firm - mail fraud each time the firm mailed its invoices). It's all very sad.

Finally, I would be remiss not to comment on the criticism of Judge Gull. Say what you want about the system, the prosecution and even the defendant. However, Judge Gull is a damn fine judge and Allen County is lucky to have her. The indictment is the finding of the grand jury and not a verdict or finding BY the judge. Bobette, perhaps you should refocus your angst...it is clearly misplaced.

bobett said...

Verdict to Anonymous:

Are you a Judge or a lawyer?

"Lord, I'm embarrassed FOR you!!!
7:25 PM "

steve said...

It's good this conversation is happening.

Kelty deserves a fair trial/presumption of innocence, and an open media to express his position.

But this is a campaign and he is running for public office. With this platform comes risks and obligations.

Personal loans are one such risk. So is the appearance of criminality and deceit to the public- regardless of innocence or guilt. (People don't vote on legal fact).

Kelty has clearly been deceitful, regardless of how this parallels Indiana law. As a candidate, hiding the contribution's(or influence) of a partisan(WASP,zealot) under you own name is unethical. Taking Fred Rost's money in the shadows was unethical. It's not witch hunting to point this out, nor does in contradict presumption of innocence.

On a side-note of interest, the timing of this is particularly tricking for Kelty and the Republican party. Today, if Kelty did the right thing for the party, he would probably step down. But he also seems to be alienated from the party. The party, similarly, should probably come out to support their nominee unless they believe him to be guilty, which they should be equally forthright with. Neither of these hypotheticals will play out though. It will probably be some awkward skirting of the situation-at -hand.

Also, while I don't care much for Kelty's platform, the prospect of criminal proceedings and even jail time is horrible. It's nothing to joke or gloat about, when you really think or how devastating it is. Punishment (prison) in an regretful institution for an equally regrettable problem.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Kelty is a criminal or a bad person. But anyone wanting to run a city should surely have more sense than he posesses.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

With the current election/campaign financing laws in place it is a travesty to see someone indicted on paperwork.

Truly a crime is this witch hunt.

The money ended up where it was meant to be.

I certainly am learning what NOT to do as a party chair from the other parties in our county, state and nation.

Anonymous said...

Some of you people cannot be serious!! Yeah, it's a witch hunt and a Federal Grand Jury was in on it!! I bet there's a huge conspiracy involved, Tom Henry rigged the jury!!

anti-awb brigade said...

Steve's comments were the most thought out and least biased. I totally agree!

Jeff Pruitt said...

Perjury is not paperwork

The witch hunt meme is just ridiculous on several different levels...

Anonymous said...

While I don't think Matt Kelty is the awful criminal that so many people are labeling him as, he may be the most naive person in Ft. Wayne. Not even knowing what is going on with his own campaign money or where it is coming from. Is this the kind of person we want to be mayor of our city?


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