Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ken Neumeister resigns!

*Exclusive Breaking News*

Updated at 2:40 PM.
Wane TV has caught on to this story (as of 2:32 PM) and they have posted some additional information:
Editor's note: I think there are only 15 members of the Executive Committee; however WANE TV is reporting that there are 25 and that 15 are considering resigning.

Updated at 2:42 PM.
A second member of the Executive Committee has now resigned according to my anonymous source. Her resignation will be reported by the local media soon!

Updated at 4:42 PM
Supposedly the second resignation is Cathy Gallmeyer.

This morning Ken Neumeister resigned as the President of the Executive Committee of the Allen County Republican Party.

This information was given to me by a very reliable source who prefers to be anonymous.

I am sure that a great deal more information about this will be reported by the local media in the next few days.

What do the readers of this blog think about this newest development?

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I hope he quits the self elected and self serving group that was never elected by anyone. I for one wish the remaining 14 would step down.

They screwed over Joe S. and Marla I. and have destroyed Matt K. I hope they have enjoyed themselves and I hope they all remember, "What goes arounds comes around!"

Anonymous said...

The Executive Committee was formed 7.5 years ago- they had nothing to do with Joe Squadrito's loss.

In actuality, they were formed because Shine managed to screw up that election and NOT win the Mayor's race.

Anonymous said...

If you believe the Squadrito's loss was based on fair play then you are out of touch.

I agree the SELF APPOINTED, SELF ELECTED and SELF PROMOTING group call the Executive Committee came about after the election. Knowing some of the members I would not trust them to watch my piggy bank let alone my dog.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that the Pro Peters group who thought they had a slam dunk are quiting.

Now the question will tonight's meeting be one that makes an attempt to sack Steve Shine? My guess is all the spoiled little children with their money is going to do that very thing.

Anonymous said...

any ideas of who the others are that are resigning?

Real Estate Kid said...

The 2nd resignation is Cathy Gallmeyer, one of Barry Sturges employees. No loss.

Anonymous said...

So help me, why are they resigning?

Anonymous said...

People who blame this on Nelson Peters losing are so off base it is incredible. This has never happened in any other race in the city's history. Cathy Hawks supporting a democrat!!, Ken Neumeister not supporting the Republican! Every elected official hiding on the sideline!! After a while open your eyes Kelty supporters. This guy is simply not fit to be Mayor.

Anonymous said...

The executive committee was formed after the Joe S/Buskirk loss to Richards. The big money donors took over the party and then a few folks were added (like McGaully) to make it look like an advisory committee. Cathy Hawks is not on the executive committee, Ken Neumeister backs Republican and Democrat candidates, just look at the finance reports of Sandy Kennedy. Bottom line this is about Harrison Square and construction projects.

Anonymous said...

My god, Neumeister backs Sandy Kennedy for City Clerk. Thats outrageous. Partisan issues are very very important when it comes keeping track of parking tickets and meeting agendas. What is he thinking? He must be a RINO as AWB likes to call them.

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