Thursday, August 23, 2007

Harrison Square approved by the Indiana Dept of Local Government and Finance

The Indiana Department of Local Government and Finance voted on the Harrison Square Project today. John Stafford is a member and correctly recused himself from the vote.

The project was approved by a vote of 4 in favor and 2 against.

12 people representing the City of Fort Wayne travelled to Indianapolis and spoke in favor of the project including Pat Roller, The Mayor, and Councilmen Talarico and Pape.

1 person went down and testified against the project; John Kalb.

Expect a good write up on this in tomorrows News-Sentinel.

I wish I would have known that the Indiana Department of Local Government and Finance could be swayed on this issue. I would have went to Indianapolis and testified against this "boondoggle" myself.

Mike Sylvester


Robert Enders said...

It's like with annexations, the state usually just gives the city government what it wants.

Anonymous said...

Am I correct in thinking you are referring to the DLGF's Local Government Tax Control Board?

For local government bond issues, this board's vote is just a recommendation to the Commissioner of that dept.

The new Commissioner is just a few weeks on the job, and every proposal heard by this Board back to June, is still waiting for the Commissioner's approval. Or non-approval.

I'm hearing rumors that the new Commissioner is expected to deny many local bond issue proposals in order to keep local property taxes low. And rumors that perhaps the Gov has told her to.

John B. Kalb said...

Anonymous - You are exactly correct. Mrs Musgrave should be receiving a note from every Fort Wayne resident to ask her to consult with Mr. Dave Christian and Mr. Dan Jones who were the two no voters and then to turn this request down (or a least hold it up for about 10 or 12 weeks until Hardball pulls out of this boondoggle. We also have until October 22, 2007 to file an objecting petition against the resolution passed by the Redevelopment Commission on 6/18/07. Plus, if Mrs. Musgrave does approve the 4 to 2 recommendation of the Tax Control Board today, we have 15 days to object in a court of law, which is still possible.
ALSO, WE STILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHALLENGE THE LEGALITY OF THE "TIME OF USE" OF THE JEFFERSON ILLINOIS ROAD TIF FUNDS TO PAY FOR THE 5 properties in the HS area. Despite what our County Prosecutor's office said, after doing no apparent real investigation, we still feel that these were aquired outside the law as spelled out in the Indiana Code. We are not yet giving up the ship! John B. Kalb

Anonymous said...

How much is all this effort costing you, John? Ironically probably more than what a theoretical property tax increase would for the project.

John B. Kalb said...

Anonymous ( are you Joe?) You haven't been paying attention again! I have not been opposing general property taxes, but only the property taxes tied up in TIF funding of an unneeded baseball stadium and the distruction of a perfectly good facility that has only reached 1/4 th of it's designed life. And how much I am spending is frankly NONE OF YOUER BUSINESS, thank you.(I can take out a loan without being hung out to dry like others) John B. Kalb

Anonymous said...

Sombody emailed angry white boy with the contact infrmation for ms musgrave. Her contact info is posted there.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea. How about a property tax DECREASE due to the savings realized by not committing the general funds to private enterprises. Maybe John is thinking of this as an INVESTMENT rather than an expense.

Anonymous must be a politician...or a wannabe. - IG

Anonymous said...

If you think that the DLGF approval of the HS financing is going to be a cakewalk, better read this first.


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