Friday, August 10, 2007

Fort Wayne Woman Sues Over Property Taxes


A Fort Wayne woman has filed a lawsuit against Allen County, the City of Fort Wayne, and county and township leaders, saying property taxes in the county -- including hers -- weren't assessed properly.

Jacquline Dowdell filed the suit. In it she is asking for an emergency injunction that would freeze property taxes at their previous amounts... and order reassessments of all real estate in Allen County.

How does this compare? Is there any precedence?


Anonymous said...


Tim Zank said...

That type of lawsuit is exactly what started the entire re-assesment statewide. She's kind of eccentric (wacky), but her case will probably have merit.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

I heard the tax protest in Angola was because the same company assessed Steuben County as the other three counties which were in question.

jon said...

Tim is right it is a similar argument. The Supreme Court decision that forced the transformation to a "market based" tax assessment has been ignored state wide. We are not using a market system as the assessor's offices do not take into consideration recent sales of assessed properties, but use actuarially created models of neighborhoods. The problem is in a town the size of Fort Wayne models do not work (and are not market based). It’s only a matter of time before a court will step in.

Bobby G. said...

Nice idea for Fort Wayne...the lawsuit, but I just wish it had been initiated by someone with a lot more credibility.
(and chutzpah)

And calling her "wacky" or eccentric is being way too kind, Tim...LOL.


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