Thursday, August 23, 2007

Steve Shine Strikes

I was reading Fort Wayne Left and Jeff Pruitt has a post discussing a breaking story the JG has put on their website. You should read it:


Steve Shine has dissolved the entire Republican Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee was originally founded to help prevent Republican "in-fighting;" especially after contentious primaries.

Now that the Executive Committee has become part of the "in-fighting" and its President has resigned Steve Shine has abolished it.

Once again, wow.

I would have to agree with Jeff Pruitt that Steve Shine abolished it because he expected more resignations to follow; however, that is just speculation... There could certainly be other reasons.

I imagine tonight's meeting at GOP headquarters will be even more interesting at this point.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I am wondering how all of this conflict with the local Republican Party will affect the city council elections this November.

If the voters start to think more and more that the party is corrupt and disorganized due to internal conflict they might not want to vote for them as much.

I see this as a way for the Libertarian candidates to pick up even more votes.

Andrew said...

I would say that I think this just goes to show the further breakdown of the Republican party and hope to continue to see it as they run a facist country in front of us and anyone who tries to stop them from literally killing our world is covered-up, treated unfairly, lied about, slandered even in courts of law. It's horrible when you have to depend on your friends in the intelligence agency around the world to be able as a United states citizen to protect your right to point out the blatant killing and destruction caused by the misuse of data that is shared with The United States Govt. Maybe Shine as a Jewish man will be able to step-up and take a little responsibility for his parties actions himself and what he and his crack team of expert scientists could be doing to stop this. Knowing who he is associated with outside the jewish community as well as working for him in the past i must say that this will be a deciding race for the Republicans who currently have no right to govern our country.

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