Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kely indictments from Grand Jury

I want to start this post by saying that my lovely wife is as angry as I have seen her in awhile. She is absolutely furious about the Kelty "indictment." She told me today that she is not sure if there is reason to vote anymore. As far as she is concerned this entire process has been orchestrated by the "good old boys" in the Allen County GOP.

I also am quite upset. Let me tell you a few of the reasons:

1. Recently Doug Foy plead guilty to FORGING signatures on campaign documents that were turned into the Election Board while he was the Executive Director of the Allen County GOP. He forged several signatures on forms and turned them in. Per the press coverage he also lied about the fact that he forged the signatures. Doug Foy committed perjury, forgery, and violated campaign finance laws. What happened to him?

2. I do not know enough about the campaign violations of Win Moses in 1985 to post details here. If anyone can send me the details of the case I would appreciate it.

3. I talked to a sitting City Councilman recently. I asked him a hypothetical question. In this hypothetical situation I told him I was running for Public Office. I also told him that he read in the newspaper that I had loaned my campaign $160,000. I asked him if he would question my loan to my campaign. He said "no." He said that he would questions Matt's loan; however, he would not question my loan because he felt it was likely that I could make the loan to my campaign while he felt Matt could not.

To me this means if you are rich, or if you are PERCEIVED to be rich, you can do things that you cannot do if you are known to have less money.

That is economic discrimination and it is unfair.

4. Political candidates of all parties constantly loan their campaigns money. It is never questioned if they are rich.

5. Matt Kelty was handcuffed and arrested. The same cannot be said of Win Moses...

6. This entire process was started by the Republican Party. It was started by some of the large donors and leadership of the Allen County GOP. Their anointed candidate lost and they decided to do something about it. This is wrong on many levels. This will backfire on the local GOP.

7. Steve Shine has been nearly invisible on this topic. Steve Shine should be fired. I watched his interview with Wane TV tonight and it was pathetic.

8. Local Republicans in elected office have not rallied around their Party candidate. They should have.

9. It is absolutely absurd that Kelty was charged with co-mingling funds. I am 100% CERTAIN that if I examine the campaign finances of many candidates that I can prove that they occasionally co-mingle funds as well. My wife thinks that MOST candidates co-mingle funds.

A dare anyone to disagree with me on #9! I will post more about this in the future...

It is not a good day in Fort Wayne. I expect part of the Republican base to rise up and "go to war" with the leaders of the local GOP.

This is going to get ugly.

Mike Sylvester


bobett said...

Indiana & Fort Wayne is so behind the times, we need change and it's sad the powers at bay inflict
the same ole' boys club.

My heart & soul goes out to
Mr. Kelty wrapped up in this political quaigmire. How in the heck can any one run for government with this kind of scunity. I'm parinoid thinking about it.

Steve Shine you are a problem....as a Lawyer, Fort Wayne
GOP Chair & good ole' boy with the Judges. Why railroad your party in Fort Wayne into this?

Mr. Shine, please step down and give new blood, new ideas for

Anonymous said...

For those that missed the We Love Matt Kelty, you missed on seeing a man who is very concerned about the future of this city, not himself!


bobett said...


Are you saying we need a man concerned about the future of this city and not consumed with

It looks like we will put a
man in jail and take away more money than he could ever hope to earn. I think Fort Wayne is afraid of change...they are is corrupt as the day is long.

It's about the principle. The government loves to prey.

Jeff Pruitt said...


In regards to #5. It's my understanding that Matt was allowed to turn himself in at the courthouse. Then when transporting him to the jail they handcuffed him per standard operating procedure. The Moses situation was a long time ago and we have a new sheriff who shouldn't have to be beholden to how things were done in the past...

anti-awb brigade said...


Well said, and thanks to bringing a bit of logic to this discussion. After reading several comments in different blogs on this subject, it is apparent that most people are driven by emotion and personal bias.

I feel sorry for Matt. It may very well be that people are making a bigger issue out of this than it ought to be. Nonetheless, a complaint was filed and I would be more dissapointed in our system if some prosecutor "looked the other way" regarding the matter. Sigler was given a task and it is his job to explore the matter. You can fault Common Cause for "the hunt", but I think blaming the prosecutor or the jury is misguided.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Jeff Pruitt:

Good point...

Mike Sylvester

Bobby G. said...

Well said, MIke...

I haven't seen THIS much commotion since the Knapp Commission in NYC!

And this is SO much different than Knapp could ever be.


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