Friday, February 08, 2008

Update More Links & Clarifications

As an issue of transperency:

Jennifer Jeffrey:

per our previous Party Chair's request, which was received earlier today, she has been removed as both a contributor on LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF ALLEN COUNTY and her new blog Disenfranchised American has been removed from under the "Indiana Libertarian" banner and placed with other "Local Blogs". Please do likewise if you have her cross linked/associated to the Libertarian Party. We wish her the best in these newest journeys.

IPFW Campus Libertarians

The student organization's blog has been deleted and we would request anyone who carries links to it to please delete them promptly. In addition, per a request by comment of Kody Tinnel, also please delete any links to Tinnel Vision.


Please bear with us as we transition and take steps forward to continue the great strides we have made to change the face of politics as usual in the area. To find out more about the Libertarian Party of Allen County and what we are planning for the next few months consider coming to our next business meeting.

February Business Meeting

Who: Libertarians and Friends
Where: Ivy Tech Main Campus Room #2310
When: MONDAY, February 18th,
6:30P – 7:30P


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this post and mentioning the two blogs that I previously was in charge of.

The IPFW Campus Libertarian blog did not seem to be as useful as I originally thought it would be so I have moved all of the online resources to a more streamlined facebook group page.

And if I come back to blogging under the Tinnel Vision banner I will let everyone know so that it can be added back to the blogrolls. But for now that blog will continue to be inactive.

Phil Marx said...


You led some good conversations and included many usefull links on your blog. I think it's good that you've left this blog open for viewing still.

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