Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Update the links on your blogs

Some of the strongest criticism that I have heard directed towards Ron Paul was that he allowed some racist articles to be published in a newsletter that carried his name. I have had discussions with fellow bloggers on just how much responsibility Paul has for those articles. Whatever one's opinion is on that controversy, we all can agree that it has hurt Paul's reputation.

I want to prevent the same thing from happening to Mike Sylvester by making it clear that he no longer posts or administrates this blog. Since he has no affiliation with this blog, he cannot be held responsible or take credit for anything that is said here. In the future, there will likely be some views and ideas posted here that Mike disagrees with.

A number of local blogs still link to this blog as the "Mike Sylvester blog". For accuracy's sake, all links to this blog should say "Libertarian Party of Allen County" or something to that effect.


Anonymous said...

Since you bring up the subject of updating outdated information perhaps the LPAC website could be updated.

Also it wouldn't hurt to rework the look of this blog to help people understand that changes have been made.

And of course there is always the issue of linking up to inactive blogs. This is something that many blogs need to address. I would ask that Tinnel Vision be removed from blog rolls as I will no longer be posting there.

Jim Wetzel said...

I'll go take care of that right away!

gadfly said...


Ron Paul, whether through personal neglect, greed or ego, either wrote or allowed his name to link with racist and bigoted comments in a newsletter purported to be his own.

There is no one else who can be blamed.

Add into the mix his association with and failure to repudiate support from extreme right-wing weirdos and Ron Paul's goose was cooked (long before his strange concern for the monetary system and his frankly Democrat-like "cut and run" approach to the war on terrorism).

Robert Enders said...

It was personal neglect, Gadfly. Everybody makes mistakes. Name one person who has never missed a car payment, never forgot to change the oil, or never left their wallet at the restaurant.

Some have said that his being neglectful is scarier than the possibility that he might be a racist. Everybody's human, not everybody is a bigot. For that matter, I cannot imagine living in a country run by a perfectionist.

But it's a moot point now, and we can agree to disagree. My purpose in this post was to announce that Mike has no affiliation or control over this blog.

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