Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's time to end the embargo

The US should use the resignation of Fidel Castro as a pretext for ending the embargo against Cuba. Not only is trade the key to building good relations with the island, it is also a way to influence the island towards democratic and economic reforms. Blue jeans and Walkmans showed Russian youth how wonderful Western culture is. If we show that we are willing to business with them, Raul Castro will have a harder time painting us as the bad guy.


Jeff Pruitt said...

I agree Robert but I think this is unlikely in an election year - especially since it affects a battleground state like Florida

Robert Enders said...

It is true that many Cuban-Americans living in Florida loathe the Castro clan. But a lot of them also favor lifting the embargo.

Considering that the DNC gave Florida the finger by denying them any delegates, Obama might want to use this issue as a way to make that state competative again.

Tim Zank said...

Thought you guys weren't big fans of free trade and interventionism?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I think the Cuban embargo should be lifted.

Mike Sylvester

Robert Enders said...

The old school Libertarians, like me, support free trade. You may have encountered one or two local Libertarians who are protectionist.

"Interventionist" means one governement actively intervening in the affairs of a foriegn government. The US occupation of Afghanistan is a good example of justifiable intervention. A bad intervention would be one that isn't in self defence. Trade doesn't count as intervention.

ROACH said...

(notice "X" on papers)
ahh the irony! fair play for cuba?
whats not to love? cuban woman, cuban rum, cuban cigars. sand, surf, beaches, year round. low cost of living. and one of the worlds greatest stockpile of running, vintage 50's american automobiles! google cuban vintage cars
the only drawback- lots of cuban men- think "Tony Montana".
Cuba for 51st state. we already have 12 million hispanics, whats a few more? And just think of the fun if Cuba was an American outpost, like guam, puerto rico, Virgin Islands? Our own offshore- gambling banking haven. Cant wait for spring break!
Hey Raul! can we come over and party?

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