Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some details for LPIN State Convention Announced

Indiana Libertarian's Annual Convention

Friday, April 25th:
Complimentary Party @ Wingate Inn
by Marion County Libertarian Party

Saturday, April 26th:
Business Meeting:
+ select delegates for the LP national convention
+ choose candidates for state and national offices.
+ campaigns, + candidates, + elections
Dinner Banquet:
with speeches from LP Presidential nomination seekers.

Wingate Inn

Airport inside I-465 (west side)
near the Rockville Road Exit #?
Use 1.800.228.1000 or
to reserve your personal rooms and/or suites.
Mention LPIN for special rates.

What it costs:
The program fee is

$95 through MARCH 26th
$120 AFTER March 26th
Checks or credit card info,
plus attendee names, should go to:
Mail to:

156 East Market Street
Suite #405
Indianapolis IN 46204

Thanks to Mark Rutherford for the information
More information to follow!

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