Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Links Section & General Update

I am sitting here in my office wondering what to talk about first as I mingle across my mind the words I am going to type here and the thoughts and ideas I want to express.

Over the last month, we have seen a lot of changes in our Allen County Libertarian Party. We have had three separate Chairs and that transition went as smooth and sweet as strawberry cheesecake (with a graham cracker crust of course) each time. As the officers and party prepare to take the next steps forward in 2008 as a united front for individual responsibility and limited transparent governance we are going to rely on the membership even more to get the chores done around here.

In an effort to boost morale of our membership, I took some inspiration from a post Robert Enders did a few days ago about the International Libertarian Groups. I did some digging and found all the State groups with active websites and/or blogs, they are posted on the right (6th section). As part of human nature one often forgets to look outside of our own sphere of influence and realize that we are not actually alone in the fight for liberty. The main goals for this preview and cross link of State and other County Libertarian Parties is two fold: can we borrow any of their ideas for marketing or outreach or voter turnout; and second, to serve as a constant reminder for us and a warning to those who doubt our message that we are not alone in this cause of freedom.

With a small political party like ours we definitely had an impact in not just the election but the public process and the media coverage. We turned upside down in a lot of peoples minds what it means to be a Libertarian and in record numbers people in Fort Wayne began to consider LPAC candidates as normal and a viable option in the voter booth. Even with the transitions that have recently taken place we also can not forget the success of last years municipal elections. At the same time we can just ride back on our haunches and rest on postural grunts. We need to go forward and do so fashionably. We have awesome opportunities ahead of us this year in County, State, and Federal elections let's make an impact on our future together!

I conclude with a salute to our former Party Chair, Mr. Mike Sylvester, who is a great asset to the history and friend to the posterity of LPAC. He departed our part of the blogosphere earlier today. We will also welcome to the blog for our readers enjoyment, Robert Fuller, 5th district City Council candidate (2007), He will be on as soon as he is done watching the Superbowl.

Blessings and thanks for reading,

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.
Libertarian Party of Allen County

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LP Mike Sylvester said...

Robert Fuller was a great candidate and I really look forward to hearing what he has to say!

Mike Sylvester