Monday, February 04, 2008

Street Repaired

I actually had my street fixed to my amazement. MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr. had come over on Thursday. He almost lost the front end of his car in a pot hole on my street. He came in, called the street department, and they showed up three hours later and fixed it. This pothole has been on this street for over three years residents in the neighborhood have been trying to get our road repaired for about as long. I ran in the last city council race to address how forgotten in this area of the fifth district we feel. This is a prime example of that. Past and present city council has spent more time and energy worrying about downtown development, stadium, and southtown mall. I love this city but its hard not to become disillusioned by a city that neglects or just plain forgets about certain areas. Im still at a loss why this is, citizens in my area support and do our business in New Haven because we have nothing here.

I would like to thank the Street Department personally for coming out at 1:30 a.m. and not just repairing the one hole but the entire stretch of my street. To report a problem with your street call 427-1235 or *311.

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Robert Enders said...

The city government is actually good at providing the kind of services that I expect from the city: the streets get plowed and paved and the police do a good job of catching criminals. Like businesses, governments would be wise to focus on what they are good at and let somebody else handle the rest. General Motors shouldn't make airplanes, Microsoft shouldn't make gaming consoles, and government should stay out of the entertainment industry.

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