Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Smoking Ban

Tonight the City Council is debating the smoking ban. I agree with this law to a certain extent. To clarify I believe smoking shouldn't be allowed where children are present. Smoking should be at owners discretion at their business. I would like to see this law modified. This is affecting our economy in the city itself. Taxes haven't changed in the county because most smokers go outside city limits for leisure activities. We have a lot businesses who are hurting some have even closed. Others are threatening to leave city limits. I'm asking all people who are able to attend this debate to go. Council was elected by the people now is the time for people to speak up. Heres hoping for a modification. I hope you can attend.


Jeff Pruitt said...

Council will NOT be debating Marty Bender's new smoking ordinance tonight. They will be voting on whether or not to introduce it to the committee for discussion. If that vote passes then the discussion will be NEXT week.

However, at the end of regular session tonight there will be an open mic for any and all citizens to address the council on whatever topic they wish...

Phil Marx said...


I agree with you on this issue. The bars are places where adults choose to be. Being in a bar is not a necessity. If you work there, it should be like any other job. Either you can handle the requirements, or you should find another job.

In this case, the requirement is entertaining the customer. If the customers' chosen lifestyle offends you for health (or any other) reason, then don't work there.

I just want to mention that a lot of credit should be given to Jeff Pruitt. He supports the smoking ban, but he has probably done as much to educate the proponents of it of the political details as any of their own representatives have.

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