Friday, December 14, 2007

Office Update

The move into the new office is progressing; however, there are currently three problems that have irritated me. Two of the three involve large companies with HORRIBLE customer service.

My wife has been trying to change the NIPSCO account at out new office from the Developer to our business since December 3rd. The account is still in the name of the Developer. My wife has talked to NIPSCO four times and she has sent them three different faxes with various documents they have requested. NIPSCO did manage to get our deposit of nearly $300; however, they still have not managed to put the account in the name of our business... This is yet another example of why monopolies and large Government do not work well...

Our Verizon problems are mostly resolved. I ended up going without a home phone number for one week since Verizon could not figure out how to give me a new home phone number for seven days. I do have a new phone number; however, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week I got notices from Verizon telling me that my Internet service would be disconnected it if was not paid. Each time I have called Verizon and told them that the account is paid in full; however, I have a new home phone number and most likely that need to change something in my billing profile. I have called them over this issue five times this week and talked to six different people. It is still not resolved; however, the person I spoke to last (The sixth person) told me that she can see that I am getting the disconnect notices; however, she does not understand why since my account is paid in full. Supposedly she turned this over to her manager and it will be resolved within 24 hours. About 8 hours have passed so far...

I ordered office furniture from InFusion in Fort Wayne. I got the order in such that the furniture would be delivered to my office by December 4th. The furniture has not even been made at the factory yet; however, on Wednesday of this week they assured me I would get it by Monday December 17th. I called them today and they were much less certain... My computers are sitting on the floor in the office and we are splitting our time between the new office and our house.

Luckily we moved on December 3rd so that we would have about a month to get our new office setup before our busy time. We chose a month because we knew that things would go wrong. They always do...

Mike Sylvester


Phil Marx said...


I have Comcast at home. It includes basic cable, telephone with unlimited long-distance, and internet. Total cost is about $105 per month. I've had a couple minor service problems, but they are now resolved. Overall, I would give Comcast a thumbs up (I'm still shocked when I hear myself say that).

At least you're not dealing with the BMV. Last week my driver's license was suspended. This was a mistake that I had to waste time and money to clear up. Also, two months before that I was given a ticket for a burnt out license plate light. When I checked the light, it was not burnt out. In order to appeal this ticket, I would have had to drive back down to Indy to let them look at my truck. It was easier to pay the fine.

Lesson learned about monopolies: Even when the customer is right, the customer is still at fault.

Bobby G. said...

That's why I would advise ASKING the officer if YOU can see the bulb he/she is talking about.

They should AT LEAST offer you that courtesy...I know I would have.

That usually settles things one way or the other pretty quickly.


(40-50% of those in my area HAVE no license bulb..and they get away with it for YEARS)

Phil Marx said...

Bobby G.

It has never before occurred to me to even look at my license plate bulb. When the officer informed me that it was out, I'm sure I could have gotten out and checked, but I had no reason to doubt her.

It's very likely this was an innocent mistake on the officer's part. By the time she came to my window, I had already turned off the engine. When the headlights go off, so does the plate light.

What was frustrating was that the only way I could prove to them that they were mistaken would have been as much trouble as paying the fine.

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