Saturday, December 29, 2007

Accident Followup - and a question for all of you

To All,

Today I accomplished several things.

#1) Went to FWO and met w/ Dr. Caldwell. First thing I must say is that they were very easy to work with through the entire process (including NOT DEMANDING CASH). He explained what he thinks is wrong w/ my finger and why he thinks that. I go into outpatient surgery next Thursday at St. Joe at 11AM. I'm going to have a plate put on the bone as he thinks it is rotated.

#2) I went to the home of the lady who hit me. I tried first calling Allstate to speak w/ the person handling my claim only to find that neither she nor her address were in their system. After speaking w/ her I got the policy number and agency. After that I drove to the agency to determine whether or not there really is a policy in force. I was beginning to worry, but all is good.

#3) I spoke w/ the claims handler at Allstate and filed my official report. It would appear that this is where the ugly bureaucracy kicks in. This claims handler will make an initial determination then pass it on to one (or more) local claims handlers.

#4) I spoke w/ St. Joe's billing dept. Guess what?!?! They didn't demand any cash up front! (Yes, it is true) As a matter of fact we even DISCUSSED how I wanted to handle the billing, through my company or Allstate. After discussing that their bill would be a one time event and then over we decided to send the bill directly to Allstate and avoid subrogation. Very easy here.

Here is accident tip 101 for all of you out there: If involved in an auto accident IF POSSIBLE get the other persons policy number and insurance company!!! While there is mucho info on the police report the policy number IS NOT THERE! Getting this will avoid headaches, trust me.

While I am telling a personal story here on a blog that is dedicated primarily to politics I am hoping, by including some small details, to open a window into a major political debate: that of healthcare in the United States. I hope my misfortune will shed some light on what is right and wrong from the patients point of view. If anyone thinks this an inappropriate platform for my take let me know what you think and why you think so.




Charlotte A. Weybright said...


Just another suggestion - go get a copy of the police report. My truck has been hit three times - two times while it was sitting beside my house (I have on-street parking) and once when I was stopped at an intersection.

One of the first things I did was to go down to the police station on Creighton and get a copy of the report. The police report gives a great amount of detail. I think it costs $5.00, but it is worth it.

Charlotte A. Weybright said...

Just read further down and saw where you got the report. Mine only costs $5.00; I don't know why yours was so much more.

But anyways, disregard the post.

gadfly said...

Doug ...

I have read your ongoing accounts of "the accident" and your subsequent difficulties.

My approach to the intricacy of an automobile accident has been to take care of my injuries by visiting the emergency room for treatment and medical advice. At that time I give them my auto insurance information. If there is a problem with verifying my auto insurance, I also have a health insurance card.

I do not see any reason to chase more details, because I pay a huge premium for insurance coverage and my insurance company is required to handle all other details regarding the settlement claims.

My auto insurance company only needs to know the number assigned to the accident by the police (which I am given by the officer before I leave the accident scene).

If chance finds me responsible for the accident or there is a problem with the other driver's insurance, my policy will pay. What else do I need to know? What possible control can I impose on the outcome?

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