Thursday, December 13, 2007

LPAC 2.0 turns 3

Today is the third anniversary of the convention at which the Libertarian Party of Allen County was reorganized. We have accomplished a lot, yet we still have a long way to go.

LPAC is not just a group of eggheads who sit in a coffeehouse quoting Rand and Rothbard. We do a lot with what little we have, and we are working on having more with which to do a lot with.

I think our weakest area is fundraising. It might seem ironic that lassiez-faire capitalists have trouble coming up with cash, but there it is. Earning money feels so much more right than begging for it. We'll raise more money in the future though.

Money is going to play a lesser role in the future, however. This blog doesn't cost us anything to produce and here you are reading it. But the overlap between voters and Internet users is small. Today, many voters don't use the Net and many Internet users don't vote. As the younger generation of voters starts to replace older voters, elections will be contests that take place almost entirely online. That will do more to level the playing field than campaign finance reform.


Dan said...

Maybe once you convince the masses that you're more than a bunch of Dungeons and Dragon geeks you'll hit critical mass ;)

Robert Enders said...

We are all about diversity. We've branched out into other RPG's, and even other gaming genres. I'm more into military strategy games, like "Risk" and "Axis and Allies".

Robert Fuller and I are playing a season of "Madden '08". So we really do have something for everyone.

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