Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friday NIght and the IPFW Libertarians

My wife and I had the IPFW campus Libertarians over to our house. My wife fixed them a bunch of food and we watched a couple of movies that they brought over.

We watched Dr. Strangelove. I had never seen the movie and I enjoyed it a lot. Remember that I served on a nuclear submarine at the end of the Cold War. Some parts of the movie were very accurate, especially the way the military communicates by repeating things back.

We then watched Fahrenheit 911. I had never seen that movie before and I enjoyed it somewhat. It certainly is not a neutral documentary; however, when it talks about the Bush's and Saudi Arabia I was interested. The Clinton family and the Bush family have strong ties with Saudi Arabia.

Mike Sylvester


Kody Tinnel said...

Thanks again for hosting the get together. We really appreciated it. And your wife's cooking was great.

Robert Enders said...

In the EMT class that I am taking, we are supposed to repeat orders given over the radio, word for word. Just as a misunderstood military radio transmission could trigger World War 3, a misunderstood EMS transmission could result in a lawsuit.

Movie Trivia Time!!!!
Can anyone name the other accidental nuclear war movie that featured James Earl Jones and a runaway B-52?

gadfly said...

Mike ...

To add balance to your viewing of the Fahrenheit 911 film, you might want to catch up on Michael Moore's contrivances.

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...


Easy one: By Dawns Early Light.

Although in that one James Earl Jones wasn't the pilot. Powers Booth & Rebecca De Morney were. Also, I forget the actors name but I liked Harpoon. He was the same actor that played the serial killer Citizen X.

I particularly liked Rip Torn as the crazy Colonel Fargo. The best of all was Darren McGaven as "Condor" the next man in line for the CIC when the President was presumed dead. Oh, how I loved "Nightstalker". Those were the days...


Dan said...

Fahrenheit 911? What a waste of time.