Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Doug was in an accident

To All,

Christmas Eve I decided to go to church services at 7PM. This would give me time to grab a bite to eat afterwards and finish wrapping gifts.

After church I visited my friends Jack & Hillary. Jack is always "Johnny on the spot" with some good food & company.

I left their house a little after 10PM and headed home. When I got to Hobson & Lake I headed north on Hobson. The light changed to green while I was still going north so I entered the intersection and "WHAM"! All I saw were two headlights out of the corner of my eye before they slammed into me. I did a 360 at least once before I wound up pinned to a pole in front of the BBQ place.

I don't know how long I sat there evaluating that I was still alive, wasn't in severe pain, no blood, and generally OK given what had just happened. I pulled out my cell and immediately called 911. They were very good in talking to me. While I was talking several folks came over to ask if I was OK. I said NO. One chap found my catechism book in the middle of the street. It had been on the back seat of my car. I was still facing west and couldn't get out of my car or turn my head and see who or what had hit me. I was told it was a woman and she was very upset.

I want to commend all of the firefighters, EMS workers, Fort Wayne Police, and good citizens who stuck around on their Christmas Eve to help accurately report what had happened. I was treated very well and all were most patient. I tried to save whoever pays for this (her insurance or mine) by getting a ride to Parkviews ER by having ny father take me. He lives just minutes away and since I wasn't dying why pay for an ambulance IF you don't need it.

My left thigh is sore as hell and my right hand hurts. My neck and chest are sore but so far don't have major pain. It turns out my right hand broke a bone and may require surgery. I should know Wednesday after I see an orthopedic specialist.

Right now my right arm is in a cast and I am typing w/ one hand.

I want everyone to realize how quickly things can go bad. Be thankful for what you have and that it isn't worse. Tonight I lost about 4 hours of my time. My car is gone. The cop told me the side impact reinforcement helped save me. He said I was hit so hard that my dashboard is bent. I know she didn't even slow down. I pay my insurance and I hope she did too. I lost my glasses and hope I find them somewhere in my car.

The only thing that REALLY bothers me is the fact that my car was going to be paid off in 3 monthes. I was looking forward to driving it without car payments for years to come.

I was truly blessed tonight. I am home safe and will hurt tomorrow but that is all. When you read this hug your loved ones, call a friend and thank them for being there. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Banged & bruised but still kicking:)


LP Mike Sylvester said...

Thank goodness you are ok Doug.

I hope that you are really medically ok and I hope you have a great Christmas.

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

Take it easy, my friend. I suspect you are even more sore and stiff today.

Thankfully, the accident didn't result in more serious harm.

You have many more years ahead, Doug. Best wishes for Christmas Day and the New Year.

- Mitch Harper

John B. Kalb said...

Doug - Remember - cars can be fixed or replaced - YOU ARE NOT replaceable. And it sure sounds like yiou are fixable. Praise God - you must have had a couple guardian angels busy. The hurt will go away. John B. Kalb

Tim Zank said...

Merry Christmas Doug, and get well soon...John is so right, cars can be replaced, our lives cannot! All of us wish you a speedy recovery.

Andrew Kaduk said...

Merry Xmas to all of the Allen County Libertarians.


I've got a suggestion for you: When you go to buy a new car, make sure it's one for which you have cash in hand and no payments will be required. Granted, if you do it like me, you'll have a pair of ten-plus year old cars with a combined total of over a half a million miles on them, but life is MUCH easier without car payments.

I hope you recover like a champ.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are alright.

Get better soon!

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

To All,

Thank you for your kind words and support.

Today I found out that getting a copy of the accident report will be $12. That seems high to me.

I am very sore if I move or bend my leg or arm.

Mike, I will find out on Thursday what the ortho hand DR says.

Mitch, I hope to be around causing all sorts of grief and rocking the boat for the two olde parties... :)

John, I couldn't agree more. I am still REALLY REALLY REALLY disappointed that I won't be driving that car for years to come without car payments AND with an extended warranty.

Tim, I agree. I will heal. I just wish I could post pictures of my Xray. It took 42 years for me to get my first broken bone and I'd like to show it off. :)

Andrew, I'm with you on this one buddy. I was out tonight looking at price tags and while I am willing to have small car payments for a year (or two) I'd RATHER not. No matter what I want a car with a warranty!

Kody, Thank you! I'll see you at the next meeting.

Just remember folks: it takes more than a car traveling at 35+mph to keep a 900# gorilla down!!! :) :) :)


Mike Kole said...

Doug, Best wishes for a full recovery on all fronts. I can relate very well, having had a scary accident in July and orthopedic surgery on my right hand back in November '06. John got it right: insurance replaces the car, docs fix the bones, but there's no replacing you, my friend.

Am I wrong? Will the insurance not replace the car? I'm with you that it's a great feeling to be at that day where the thing is paid off, fully yours. Is it that the book value is low enough do to time and depreciation that the payout by insurance won't cover a paid-off car? That would be a shame. Still- your health comes first!

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Hey Dougie

Sorry to hear about the car and your appendages Glad to know that you are okay.

BTW and only you will understand this I almost gave a new waitress a coronary the other day at IHOP but she did such a good job she actually brought out what I wanted to eat totally only after changing my order four times before she did, it was awesome.

Blessings and Surprises


Robert Enders said...

Mike Kole,
If the other driver was at fault and had liability insurance, Doug will be reimubursed for his medical expences and received a check for the blue book value of the car. If I knew the year of the car, I could probably tell the exact amount he'll get for it.

The suggested retail value for a 2001 Focus hatchback, in good condition with 100,000 miles on it, is $6,530. A 2008 Focus would cost $14,548. Also, I believe that the hatchback version has been discontinued. So in reality, Doug's car cannot be replaced.

Karen Goldner said...

Doug, I have not been on the blog in a few days so please accept my belated GLAD YOU ARE OKAY & GET WELL SOON.

Yes, your whole life can change in an instant. Thank goodness you are on the mend.

Jeff Pruitt said...

I too have been out of the blogosphere but I wanted to let you know that I'm glad you're going to be ok. Hopefully you'll have a quick recovery and we can get back out to the range soon enough...

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