Friday, April 25, 2008

This immigration plan can cost you your job

Yes, I'm talking about you. You, Joe Blow Six Pack Fifth-Generation American Citizen. Under a plan proposed by the Department of Homeland Security, if your Social Security doesn't match up with their database, your employer would be required to fire you. It has been estimated that this plan could cost 2% of legal workers their job per year. So you would have a 1 in 50 chance of being fired for no reason at all.

Shouldn't the burden of proof to deny a person's right to work be at least as high as the burden to sent him to jail for a few months? We accept that a lot of guilty people go free as a consequence of our judicial system that is based around protecting the innocent. A plan intended to protect American jobs is a failure if it ultimately results in Americans getting fired.


Bobby G. said...

I like feeling secure...but NOT THAT secure...and certainly NOT at the expense of our chosen occupations.
The word "fascism" keeps coming nto mind...wonder why?


Bernie's Dad said...

..a quick visit to a social security administration office would correct a problem. On the other hand millions of jobs taken by illegal will be available to ... food stamps entitled lazy food addicts.. saving the food for the former illegal immigrants back in their home countries..

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