Monday, April 14, 2008

Tax Day Thread

Those of you who cannot attend our tax protest can take this opportunity to rant about the government programs that cheese them off the most. Corporate subsidies is my personal pet peeve. Because there are two different kinds of companies:

1. Profitable companies, which do not need subsidies
2. Unprofitable companies, which do not deserve subsidies

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Phil Marx said...

Bailing out the airlines was one of the biggest scams. They tried to pretend as though every carrier would suddenly fold without this support. No, if there was a true need for more money, they would have simply raised their ticket prices until they became solvent. This would have ultimately put the burden where it belongs, on those who fly on planes. Instead, the government forced non-flyers to subsidize the flyers ticket.

The only area where subsidies might be warranted is when national security is a factor. If we ever got to the point where 100% of our food was imported, that would be dangerous. The world could easily boycott us into starvation. But there are hardly any subsidies that fit this scenario.

Wait, I forgot about sugar. We must have domestically produced sugar (as inefficient as it is), because if the foreign suppliers cut us off for even one day, we wouldn't be able to make our kool-aid, and that would get ugly.

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