Friday, April 04, 2008

Recent murders in Fort Wayne

There has been a recent streak of murders in Fort Wayne. Some thoughts:
1. This should not deter people from residing, shopping, or working in Fort Wayne, or in any particular section of the city. Your chances of being murdered are more dependent on who you know rather than where you live.
2. Earlier this year, Mayor Tom Henry decided not to hire more police officers. Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate this decision.
3. If we cannot afford the police that we need, how can we afford a ballpark? The city is like a homeowner who cannot afford to fix his roof this year because of the pool that he bought last year. Sure, HS is a dead issue. But it is important that we learn from our mistakes. Just because you can afford to blow money on bread and circuses doesn't make it a good idea. The city needs to keep a cushion in its budget for emergencies.


ROACH said...

fort wayne police are incompetent. I've watched enough crime shows on tv to know that if there isnt an arrest within 48 hours, the crime likely will become a "cold case, and remain unsolved. The police depts excuse" well- they were all bad people, nobody will miss them, so we dont care" smacks of racism, at the least, and admits incompetence, and apathy, at the most.
These crime victims all had family, who even though they were dirt balls, someone still called them family.
As long as the fort wayne police, and sheriff have a lackadaisical attitude about 9 murders in 3 days, then we are all at risk- as these killers are still loose on the street. all it takes is one wrong look, or a traffic error, or wrong turn-"the wrong place at the wrong time", and you, or me, or anybody could get murdered in a crime rampage by these gangster thugs.
Or even caught in a crossfire.
You know what they call plywood sheets in windows in homes in the hood? ghetto armorplate- stop that slug from killin mama, as she sits waiting for junior to get home from school, work, or play.
ignorant, incompetent,crooked cops.
they have plenty of time, money, and resources to keep our streets cleaned of social drinkers , driving home( dangerous drunker killers driving hurtling weapons of death?)dont they? and harmless stoners. and jay walkers. and skateboard scofflaws, too, dont they? fort wayne city cops are spinless bullies, and DUI NAZIS, and racists. and incompetent.

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