Monday, April 21, 2008

IPFW murder suspect arrested

The woman who is alleged to have stabbed a student in the IPFW dormitory was a guest.
It seems likely that either the victim or another student experienced a catastrophic lapse in judgement in allowing this person into the dorm. Folks, common sense is the ounce of prevention and law enforcement is the pound of cure. If you invite the wrong person into your home, often all the police can do is investigate your killing and notify your family. No matter how safe you feel, lock your doors and be careful about who you give the key to. Fort Wayne is still safer than comparatively sized cities, but you can still find trouble in any town if you know where to look. So don't go looking for it.

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Anonymous said...

You make a point to scold people for who they allow to stay at their apartment or residence. How does that apply for your room-mates' family? The AP has already reported that the woman arrested was mother to the victim's room-mate. Personally I think if I live with someone and trust them to share living space I should feel comfortable allowing their family to stay while visiting in town.
Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions and insinuate that the victim brought this on herself. From your point of view maybe the room-mate should be held accountable. Because who would dare let such a dishonest and horrific creature stay at their apartment, even if it is their own mother.

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