Thursday, April 03, 2008

Opportunity to make the City beautiful begins again on 4/20

Please Note: Before I begin this post I need to reveal to all of our readers that I also serve on the Board of Heartland Communities which is the fiscal agent for and is partnered with Save Maumee.

We have a strong effort to clean and rehab the rivers.


Please Join Save Maumee Grassroots Organization on Earth Day to celebrate the cleansing of the riverbanks. Our goal is to pick up ALL trash between mile marker one and two, reseed and pole plant the riparian area on the riverbanks and rally the community's awareness about our three rivers' condition in Ft. Wayne. Visit to check out our website to see past projects and information.

Educational Info, Old Crown Coffee and Health Food Shoppe snacks will be provided all we need is you! We will be located on the N. Anthony Blvd. bridge over the Maumee River area. (Hosy Dam) Directly on Niagara Drive. You won't be able to miss it! Participation will be fun and easy for everyone! Our rivers need OUR help!

Donations are appreciated but not expected. All donations will go directly to community service projects like this one. We are establishing projects to clean up the Maumee River. These self-supported community projects will raise awareness about the unsanitary conditions and begin the slow process of reversing years of pollution. River Restoration is a necessity, NOT a luxury. U.S. citizens depend on the services that healthy streams and rivers provide! Please invest in Natural Capital!

To help, bring what you can:
+ All children, family, friends
(adult accompaniment for persons younger then 18 years old)
+ Garbage bags
+ Muddin' shoes/boots
+ Rumble Clothing
+ Gloves

+ Your able body (if you don' have anything on the list, Save Maumee will provide these things until supplies are gone!)

Abigail Frost
Save Maumee Grassroots Organization

here for the map and past riparian accomplishments

Note from Fr. Fozy part duex
This is a great opportunity for High School and College Students and members of Scouting Organizations to get some of your Community Service or Environmental Stewardship Credits/Merits taken care of also. Make sure to check with your Troop/Pack Leaders, Resident Assistants, and Fraternity/Sorority Outreach Chairs or Presidents, and Guidance Counselors, to verify and provide accountability!!

For more info about Heartland Communities, Inc.:

Heartland Communities is a Nonprofit based in Fort Wayne, Indiana that works in sustainability in the environment and community. Within our Federal designation we create, develop, and umbrella other Nonprofits or Cooperatives that work with in those guidelines. Many of our programs and projects can be made within sustainability in the environment and community. We want to create and live in a new paradigm. We collectively envision a new way of operating in our work life and community life that expresses our deepest values. The Organizational Cornerstones and By-Laws are about cooperation and sustainable living. The founders intended to work toward an intentional community / eco village, and to practice right livelihood. Just about any project that promotes sustainability in any way could be done under the auspices of the organization. It is set up to spin off other for-profit and non-profit ventures that are worker-owned.

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