Saturday, September 30, 2006

Representative Foley

I am extremely disgusted by the actions of Representative Foley (R) from Florida. I hope that he is prosecuted fully and that if he is guilty, which I have little doubt that he is, he spends a lot of time in prison. I hope he shares a cell with a friendly and lonely inmate...

I am sure there is a great deal of news about this all over the internet.

It is just appalling to me how far the Republicans have fallen in the last couple of years. The Republicans are currently having as many scandals as The Democrats did when they were in power or may be having even more. The Democrats are still having scandals as well; just fewer then the Republicans since the Republicans are in power. This goes to prove one thing:

Power corrupts.

Anyone who thinks the Republicans are more moral then their opponents needs to think again. There are a lot of "dirtbags" in this world. Many are Democrats and many are Republicans. There are Libertarian "dirtbags" as well...

If you want to read ABC news and their take on Foley here is a link


If you go and read the text of the instant messages be warned, they are somewhat disgusting...

Representative Foley has abused his power and I think there is a very warm place in Hell reserved for him if he is guilty.

Since he resigned his post and is already apologizing to his family; I have a feeling he is guilty...

Mike Sylvester


Robert Enders said...

Maybe there will be a law requiring congressmen to register with the police before moving into a neighborhood.

Andrew Kaduk said...

Yeah, those scumbags could really put the property values in the tank... :)

Robert Enders said...

Heck, I think this is why down town is floundering. Who really wants to build a business near where all the lawyers and politicians hang out?

You leave the keys in your car with the engine idling, and you are asking to get it stolen. You own a successful restaurant within a few blocks of Calhoun St, and you are asking the city and the county to pass some new regulations that drive you out of business.

Robert Enders said...

"I hope he shares a cell with a friendly and lonely inmate..."

I hope you are refering to pleasant conversation. When officals intentionally allow inmates to be raped, it0 constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

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