Thursday, September 07, 2006

NACS Remonstrance begins today

There will b e two kick off parties for those people who do not want to expand Carroll into a mega-sized High School:

Where: Church of the Covenant 10001 Coldwater Rd.

When: Thursday September 7th from 6:00-7:00 PM
Saturday September 9th form 9:00-10:00 AM

I hope to see you there!

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

That's an outlandish claim.

Carroll will get bigger, but in no way will they be a mega-school. Let's put it into perspective. CHS will become, according to the demographics study, about the same size as Northrop - one high school in a district of many. We will never beceome the size of Lawrence North, Ben Davis, or North Central. 'Mega-school' implies an enrolllment greatly exceeding that of contemporary schools.

Please dont make outlandish claims like that. Using mantra such as mega when it will clearly not lends a bit of illigitamacy to your arguement.

William Larsen said...

First off, Northrop currently is not much larger than Carroll is now. If Carroll is to to be the size of Northrop, why renovate at all?

I would say that Carroll would be a mega school. There are 398 public high schools. If Carroll were to get to 2,800 students, design capacity of the renovation, then there would be only five schools larger than it would be. Top Five out of 398.

Now what happens if the enrolment reaches 2,800 what is the plan? Do we add on again? This then will make Carroll even larger. If a second high school is built, then do we go for a second mega school, which could take twenty years to fill?

What happens long term when the original structure of Carroll is no longer adequate? How do you remove it and build new when it is surrounded on all four sides by newer infrastructure?

The School board does not have a long-term plan and they are shooting from the hip. Take the Carroll middle school conversion to an Academy. Why was this done when the middle school capacity was 700 and Maple creek was 1,000? Total middle school capacity was 1,700. No where was it projected to reach 1,700 so whey build another middle school with a 1,000 seat capacity. The money spent on this middle school would have gone a very long way towards paying for a second high school.

Anonymous said...

I was not able to make the rally on Saturday. Where can I sign the petition to build the new highschool? So far I've had 2 different people come to my door to oppose a new school, but no one to come in support of one.

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