Friday, September 15, 2006

Proposed Allen County Smoking Ban is insane

My wife and I run a business out of our home. We rarely have clients over to our house. We have two offices in our house that we use for our business.

Per the proposed smoking ban we would be restricted from allowing smoking in at least the two offices IN OUR HOUSE.

Give me a break.

I do not smoke. I do not let ANYONE smoke in my house. That is a choice my wife and I have made.

IT IS NOT the government's job to regulate smoking in MY house.

This is going too far...

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

Mike, you are right. The Allen County Smoking Ban is outrageous. Whether or not a business wants to allow it or not is a decision the BUSINESS should make, not half a dozen part-time politicians chasing votes.

The marketplace is a wonderful barometer for peoples' preferences.

Mike Kole said...

The irony is that those business who made no-smoke policies part of a progressive business plan would lose their competitive edge should this pass, as all restaruants are made no-smoke by law.

Quite agree, Tim. The marketplace is not only a great barometer for preferences, it allows those of either persuasion to find what they want.

trying2hide said...

Yeah, maybe we should band together like the democrats and threaten to move to Canada, er, uh another county if they pass the ban.

Then they can't have our TAX dollars.

Scott Greider said...


Sounds crazy, but is there really no provision or exemption for a situation such as yours? Seems hard to believe there isn't. I mean, how would they enforce such a regulation?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I will be interested to see how they enforce it.

Thay have no way of enforcing itin reality...


Robert Enders said...

We don't really have anywhere to move to, unless you count New Hampshire. The United States is as free as a country can get nowadays.

Scott Greider said...

Mike: yes, I agree enforcement would be difficult if not impossible. But you didn't answer my first question. Is there a small/home business exception? Or any exceptions? I must confess, I'm relying on your knowledge, as I haven't read the proposed legislation.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

There is NOT a small business or home exemption Scott.

Mike Sylvester

Scott Greider said...


Thanks. However, I must admit that your answer sounded so implausible that I went to the county's website and read the six page draft. You're right, no small business exception. But it does allow for a "Private Residence" exemption. So I can see that argument working for you and your wife, if not also for those who employ a few people in their home. Can you say... loophole?

Also, does 10-8-4 mean that private residences need to post the sign, "Warning: This is a Smoking Establishment"??? It says any exempted establish must do this.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


What is a Private Residence? Earlier this year we employed another person in our house.

Where does the smoking ban stop?

Mike Sylvester

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