Saturday, June 17, 2006

Libertarian Reform Caucus

I have found another organization that I will support. It is The Libertarian Party Reform Caucus.

This group wants to reform The Libertarian Party into one that can win elections and that has a realistic and attainable platform.

This group appeals to me a great deal.

I am surprised that I did not hear about it until today.

My wife and I are attending the Libertarian national convention in Portland in a couple of weeks. The LRC sent us both a package of information about their purpose. They sent a package to all delegates...

I have found a new home. I have found a group of people I agree with almost 100%! I am excited.

On their website they have a member list. There are quite a few Indiana Libertarians that have joined.

Some of the Republicans who lean Libertarian and visit this weblog should join as well...

Please take a few minutes to look at their website and please join them if they accurately reflect your views!

Mike Sylvester, newest member of The Libertarian Reform Caucus


Jane said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I need to take some time to read more, but it looks very promising.

Debbie said...

The discussions on the plank about education were very informative to me. Thanks for posting the link.


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